Understanding Casino Bonus Playthrough Requirements

Online casinos need players to make the business model work, and players enjoy having a large enough bankroll to take full advantage of their favorite games. The deposit bonus was born from these mutual desires, and when both the player and the casino follow the necessary requirements, the bonus system benefits both parties. All players quickly learn that while the bonus works to their advantage, others fail to realize that they too must fulfill requirements to make a deposit bonus successful; that requirement is generally called a playthrough, and it is designed to help both the gambler and the casino that initially offered the bonus.

Incremental Deposit Bonuses

When a player makes an initial deposit, he or she receives the largest of the welcome bonus. The rest of the bonus is not given to the players until he or she meets the playthrough requirements dictated by the casino. These usually consist of a predetermined amount of play that the bettor must complete before receiving the next installment of the bonus. The aforementioned predetermined amount of play is a requirement that ensures that the player will not simply hold on to the part of the bankroll that the was given by the casino; in other words, the bettor must wager the first and every subsequent bonus to continue receiving the incremental deposit bonuses that the casino has promised.

The Playthrough Requirement

Since every wager at a casino cannot be a winner, the playthrough requirement keeps some, but not necessarily all, of a bankroll flowing into the casino. Gaming establishments need to win too, or no casino could remain open for very long. That makes playthrough a benefit to the casino even as it benefits the gambler. Seasoned bettors know that steady play at any casino increases the chances of that big payday that every gambler is looking for; the more money that is wagered on a steady, regular basis, the greater the odds of both big and small wins.

Making the Playthrough

Every wager a player makes is a step in the right direction for those striving to meet their playthrough requirement, which also puts the gambler one step closer to the next deposit bonus. Some wagers may count for more than others at some casinos and under certain circumstances; meeting the playthrough is easier for gamblers who understand the difference. For example, some casinos may give slot play more credit than they would for table games; this is related to the fact that slot play brings more revenue to the casino than games like Blackjack or Roulette. Gamblers with a clear understanding of how such requirements work at a particular casino can use the information to meet that gaming establishment's playthrough requirements quickly.

Turning Playthrough Requirements into an Advantage

Deposit bonuses and playthrough requirements keep money flowing between bettors and casinos; this helps both parties by allowing for more play and generating more revenue for the casino. At worst, playthrough can be viewed as a necessary evil, but gamblers who understand how it works can also use it to their advantage. While some players forgo the deposit bonus to avoid such requirements, knowledgeable bettors can minimize the personal risks associated with playthrough requirements and make that deposit bonus work to their advantage…and perhaps as an in-road to that enormous win every bettor hopes to hit.