Bodog Founder Calvin Ayre & Bitcoin Inventor File Bitcoin Patent

Bodog founder and online gaming tycoon Calvin Ayre has teamed up with Craig Wright, the self-proclaimed inventor of Bitcoin, in a significant move in the world of digital currency. Their collaboration involves the filing of international patents related to Bitcoin. This ambitious venture has seen the duo submit numerous patents in the UK, aimed at securing exclusive rights over various aspects of Bitcoin technology. These patents cover a wide range of applications, from medical document storage to WiFi security enhancements.

Patent Filing and Financial Backing

Wright, an Australian computer scientist, has been prolific in filing patents, with nearly 75 submissions in the UK. However, approval for these patents is still pending. With Ayre's involvement, who had an estimated net worth of $1 billion in 2006, Wright's chances of gaining these crucial patents might be significantly boosted. Despite the buzz around these filings, both Ayre and Wright have maintained a level of skepticism, with Ayre addressing the reports as speculative in a social media post, and Wright remaining silent on the issue.

Wright's Claim to Bitcoin's Creation

Adding to the intrigue is Wright's claim to be Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious creator of Bitcoin. In a 2015 paper, Wright asserted the potential of the Bitcoin blockchain to overhaul existing payment systems globally. This claim, if substantiated, coupled with the successful acquisition of the patents, could position Ayre and Wright at the forefront of the burgeoning cryptocurrency market.

Bitcoin's Impact on Online Gaming and Banking

Bitcoin's rise to prominence is largely attributed to its decentralized nature, allowing users to transfer funds without involving central banks or governments. This feature has made it particularly appealing to online gamblers, especially in regions where traditional banking laws are restrictive. Beyond gaming, major banks are exploring Bitcoin's potential to disrupt the traditional banking sector. This digital currency, which operates on a blockchain system, offers an alternative to conventional banking methods by facilitating anonymous, fee-less transactions.

The Early Days of Bitcoin and Gaming

Interestingly, Reuters reports suggest that Bitcoin's initial development had a strong gaming focus, with early code containing elements related to poker. While Wright's involvement in this early development is not definitively proven, he possesses documents that hint at his connection to the initial group of Bitcoin developers.

The Mysterious EITC Holdings

Wright's patent filings are linked to EITC Holdings, a company based in Antigua, where Ayre has previously sought refuge from US authorities. EITC, managed by Stefan Matthews and Robert MacGregor, long-term associates of Ayre, seems to be shrouded in secrecy, with efforts made to conceal the involvement of its key figures. Additionally, the relationship between Wright and Ayre appears to be long-standing, with images of them together on Ayre's Facebook page further fueling speculation about their joint ventures in Bitcoin.

While the full extent of the partnership between Ayre and Wright, and their plans for Bitcoin, remain unclear, it is evident that their actions are drawing significant attention and speculation from mainstream media and the cryptocurrency community alike.