How to Choose the Best Bonus Slots to Play

Bonus slots are those slot games that have bonus elements involved. For example, they might include special rounds or features you must unlock while playing the base game.

But how do you choose these slots? We’ve put together a few handy tips below, so you can hopefully find your favorite bonus slots to play whenever you’re in the mood.

Look at the RTP

RTP means the return to player, or the amount you can reasonably expect to win back if you play a slot over a prolonged period. This is shown as a percentage.

The one thing you need to remember is to choose the highest RTP slots you can. This holds true no matter what type of slot you want to play.

Do you want to shoot for a progressive jackpot?

If you do, the RTP might drop a bit to account for this. Some slots have a progressive jackpot alongside the bonus features. Others have one or the other. Decide which you’d prefer when you choose a slot.

Look at the variety of bonus features in action

Bonus features can include pick-me prizes on the main reels, or a separate bonus feature on another screen. Some take place on another set of reels, or have several stages involved. The best games are those that offer more than one bonus element.

Are there free spins available as well?

Free spins are often involved in slot games, and are usually thought of as separate to the main bonus elements on offer elsewhere. It’s great to see a slot game with free spins and at least one bonus feature to try as well.

Choose a theme you love

Many slots offering bonus features take on a theme of one kind or another. Could it be ancient Egypt or ancient Rome? Could it be a sporting theme, or perhaps a theme involving a famous fairytale or cartoon character? The sky’s the limit, and so is the array of bonuses that could be tied into any of these themes.

Enjoy slots with bonus features today

While classic slots will always have a place in online casinos, the bonus slots are popular for good reason. If you want to see whether you are going to look at these as your favorites, now is the time to start your search. A bonus slot is arguably among the best of all.