Poke The Guy

While slot games are enjoyed by millions of people around the world, there many other games of chance that are enjoyed by bettors and online slot stalwart Microgaming has recently released Poke the Guy, a unique game of chance that may remind some players of the games found at a carnival. Poke the Guy may lack reels but it does not lack in the potential for giant-sized wins and many hours of engaging gameplay. Online bettors who enjoyed the games on the midway as a child or are just looking for something original may find Poke the Guy the online game they have been looking for.

A Slingshot and a Long List of Possible Projectiles

The premise of Poke the Guy is very simple, players are given the opportunity to choose from a list of items that they can then fling at the game’s antagonist, The Guy. Each projectile available has a bet value and a bet multiplier that is awarded when a player manages to strike The Guy with their chosen projectile. While the more expensive projectiles will not increase a player’s chances of scoring a hit on The Guy, the projectiles with a higher cost will award larger wins.

Saving the World from the Destruction of The Guy

Fans of Microgaming titles can attest to the fact that the developer enjoys creating games with unique and comical themes. Poke the Guy has the feel of the Saturday morning cartoons during the 70s with the bright colors and simplified animation. As players fling their choice of projectile at The Guy, he does his best to avoid being struck by jumping around and contorting his body into amusing shapes. Our intrepid anti-hero also does his best to stomp historical places and things around the world into nothing but dust before the bettor scores a hit.

A Bit Silly But an Original

Some players may not find this title their cup of tea but others will find the original gameplay a great change of pace from the standard slot titles with reels, scatters and wilds. There has been a feeling of a major change in online slot play, as many developers and casinos are trying to find ways to draw millennials into online casinos with innovative and original titles. How popular Poke the Guy becomes with bettors has yet to be determined, but many years from now this title may be seen as an innovation that was part of a shift in online casino play.