Wagering Requirements

When you join an online casino, you will likely find a bonus waiting for you. You may need to deposit some of your own cash to release it, but the terms do vary from one casino to another.

However, one thing you will almost certainly find at these online casinos is wagering requirements. These are very important for players to understand. That’s why we thought we would look at them further here.

What are wagering requirements?

These are requirements you must meet before you can withdraw anything you win by using your bonus cash. Let’s say a casino gives you 100% of your first deposit in bonus cash. If you deposit $10, you will receive a further $10 in bonus cash.

Now, if the wagering requirement is given as 25x (it will usually be given as a multiple), it means you must wager 25x your bonus amount before you can withdraw anything you won with that cash. So, 25x your $10 bonus adds up to $250. You must wager $250 on applicable games on the site before you can withdraw those winnings.

Understanding pending funds

Quite often, an online casino will divide your account balance into two areas. You will see a pending balance alongside your normal balance. Anything in your normal balance can be withdrawn, according to the terms and conditions of the casino. However, the pending balance will show the bonus, and anything won from using that bonus. This will remain in the pending balance until you fulfil the wagering requirements.

Do all bets count towards those requirements?

Not necessarily. Some games may not count towards it at some casinos. More often, you will find there are different requirements attached to each game type. For example, the multiplier might be 25x for slots and 40x for table games. That’s why you should check the requirements on every site you visit. Understanding how they work is just part of the equation. You should also check out whether you are willing to fulfil the wagering requirements for the privilege of claiming a bonus. If you don’t intend to bet very much, there is no point claiming a huge bonus you won’t be able to make the most of.

You can see how vital it is to understand how wagering requirements work, and how they would affect you as a player. Now you know, you can play with confidence.