Dinosaur Slot Games

If you have played a good few slot games in your time, you may well have tried at least one that was based around dinosaurs. Some themes have proven to be more popular than others, and we think dinosaurs should be included in this.

We thought we’d discover why dinosaur slots always get a good outing among players. Will you agree with our theories?

Everyone is fascinated by dinosaurs

Playing games with imaginary monsters is one thing. However, if you play a game featuring dinosaurs, you know those creatures did once exist on earth. It’s hard to imagine what life would have been like if we had been around at the same time, but that fascination with such large beasts is undeniable.

The fascination also means we are going to recognize most of the dinosaurs that appear in a slot game. We’d expect them to contribute to these games, and oftentimes they do.

There are plenty of familiar dinosaurs to choose from

It’s not just the T-Rex Slots you will spot in these games. Velociraptors, triceratops, stegosaurus, brachiosaurus… most of these well-known creatures will appear in slot games based around this theme.

Some games go into more depth with the theme, adding several bonuses to try and aim for. Each bonus might be connected to a separate dinosaur, for example. Other random features might also be added as you play.

Some make sense to use as special icons

We doubt you have played dinosaur slots without encountering the mighty T-Rex as the wild symbol. It wouldn’t be the same if that role was given to any other dinosaur, would it?

Depending on the game you’re playing, you might find other dinosaurs in roles too. Raptors might appear as the scatter icons, for instance. And how about dinosaur eggs appearing as part of a bonus trigger? Find three dinosaur eggs and pick one to break open to reveal your prize. We like the sound of that.

If you like dinosaur-themed slots, you’ve certainly got plenty to choose from. Look out for Dinosaur Adventure, Jurassic Park Slots, Dawn of the Dinosaurs, Dinosaur Up, and many more. There certainly isn’t a shortage here! With each game trying to outdo the others based on the same theme, you’re sure to find some entertaining games featuring these mighty lizard-type creatures. We’re just grateful they don’t still roam the earth today.