Bitcoin Wager

Online casino players in search of a way to enhance their gaming may want to consider placing their wagers with the widely popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. While there are a wide range of reasons that Bitcoin is an awesome choice for casino play, these five are some of the best.

Low or No Transaction Costs

While legitimate casinos never charge a transaction fee to fund player accounts, payment processors often do; gamblers can get hit with hefty fees when using credit cards, third-party money services like Western Union and bank wires. However, Bitcoin takes the guesswork out of trying to predetermine the fees that a financial institution will charge to add money to casino accounts; as a global currency that can be spent using a free or extremely low-cost wallet, the option is an excellent one for gamblers who prefer to skip the fees and use all of their cash for betting on slots, cards and other awesome games.

Players Become Part of a Global Community

Online casino enthusiasts know that gambling laws make it difficult for players from one group of countries to interact with those from other nations. However, those Bitcoin-exclusive casinos level the playing field by allowing gamers from virtually anywhere to on those titles that everyone enjoys. The convoluted laws surrounding online gambling, especially for Americans, makes it incredibly hard to find a place to play sometimes; however, Bitcoin makes it possible to step around such things in several different ways, including one that allows gamblers to skip financial institutions entirely in favor of a virtually anonymous Bitcoin wallet.

Identity Protection Becomes Easier

Traditional online casinos and the banks or third-party services used to fund real-money accounts typically require players to verify their identity in multiple ways; this means account numbers, card numbers, addresses, phone numbers, full names and other sensitive information will be released to the casino in question. While it's easy enough to find a reputable casino that won't abuse these personal and financial details, a player's privacy could be compromised in the event of an information leak or certain types of cyber leaks. That said, Bitcoin eliminates the possibility of accidental information leaks by leaving security in the hands of the account holder.

Deposits and Withdrawals are Almost Instant

When online casino depositors begin playing for and winning real money, they often have quite the wait until their funds are available in the casino or their bank accounts. However, the simple system in place to transfer Bitcoin makes it possible for gamblers to add money to their casino accounts or cash out after a big win rapidly; usually making funds available in 15 to 60 minutes, players can look forward to quickly getting started on a big win that they will be able cash out in a jiffy.

Flexible Value Could Increase Wins

While those depositing with a non-digital currency have a fairly good idea of how much their big win will be worth in terms of purchasing power, those who game with Bitcoin could see the value of that win increase over time. While the widely fluctuating value of Bitcoin seems volatile to some players, others will embrace the concept on the grounds that its value could be quite a bit larger a week, month or year from the day that they receive their payout. Of course, speculating in this way can be slightly risky, as the value could also decrease over time.

Start Wagering with Bitcoin

If you're ready to cash in on the excitement and near-universal access to games that comes with wagering with Bitcoin, get started today. Gamblers will find that there are plenty of awesome benefits associated with betting with Bitcoin, including promotions just for those gaming with the cryptocurrency, so don't miss your chance to play.