Bitcoin Casino

While high-tech security has made it much safer to deposit at online casinos than it was in decades past, some players are still nervous about the idea of using their credit or debit cards to fund real-money accounts; however, Bitcoin has made the process much quicker, easier and more secure. Read on to learn more about how Bitcoin casinos operate.

Bitcoin Only vs. Bitcoin-Friendly

Experienced Bitcoin users who enjoy gaming online know that players have a choice in Bitcoin casinos; gamblers can select an existing casino that accepts Bitcoin alongside more conventional payment methods or one that has been launched since the inception of the cryptocurrency. While both offer great gaming and a safe online environment for play, those that existed before Bitcoin may offer a wider selection of games from a broader group of developers. That said, those who enjoy trying very new titles or like those created just for the gaming establishment may prefer to play at a Bitcoin-only casino.

Gaming Available at Bitcoin Casinos

While most Bitcoin casinos offer the standard array of games, including choices such as slots, video poker, roulette, craps and various others, such gaming establishments also often operate platforms for sports betting, racebooks, poker rooms and online lotteries. Regardless of how bettors like to wager, it's very likely that a Bitcoin casino will have something that they love. Similarly, many Bitcoin casinos proudly feature live gaming; available via a streaming internet connection, gamblers can see a human dealer, and in certain circumstances, the other players at a table.

Information on How Bitcoin Casinos Work

Like any online casino, Bitcoin casinos are operated from software that typically requires little in the way of human supervision; once a casino is online, customer service professionals and technical gurus are really the only people who are required to work actively on the operation of the gaming establishment. Land-based casinos are also fairly expensive to run, while those that exist solely on the internet are convenient and affordable to operate.

Why Play Bitcoin Casinos?

Perhaps the biggest draw of playing online at a Bitcoin casino is the high level of anonymity that gamblers enjoy; whether bettors are looking for a creative way to work around local gaming laws, don't want a paper trail of their casino transactions or wins or simply do not wish to reveal too much sensitive data online, a Bitcoin-only casino is an excellent choice. That said, we encourage every player to observe laws and policies in their jurisdiction.

Bitcoin Casinos Under Scrutiny

As mentioned earlier, traditional online casinos offer more payment options, which means there are records of transactions and payouts; they are also subject to audit, making it important for operators to carefully observe regulations associated with the practice. Bitcoin casinos require very little in the way of personal information; often requesting little more than an email address, Bitcoin-only casinos cannot verify the age of players and other details that most online gaming establishments require to remain eligible for licensure. While Bitcoin casinos are being scrutinized for these reasons, it is important to remember that there are few controls in place to ensure compliance; under the proper conditions, this could be beneficial to players.

Pick a Bitcoin Casino Today

Now that you understand how Bitcoin casinos operate and the difference between Bitcoin-friendly and Bitcoin-only casinos, make your selection today to begin placing bets. After all, at the end of the day, online casino gaming is all about having a good time.