Bitcoin Cashier

While choosing a Bitcoin wallet and finding a casino that accepts a cryptocurrency are tasks in their own right, online casino gamblers also need to know how to fund their Bitcoin accounts at the gaming establishment they select. However, the good news is that gamers can rest assured that learning to use a cashier at a Bitcoin-friendly casino is a simple process.

Convenience is the Key

Convenience is one of the greatest features of funding a casino account with Bitcoin; in fact, gamblers can look forward to their transactions completing within about 30 minutes or less of making the payment. Also convenient is the fact virtually every casino that accepts the digital currency accepts it in any amount; while transaction minimums may exist for bonuses or other requirements, Bitcoin itself can be spent in any amount at any time.

Low Fees and a High Level of Privacy

Casinos do not typically charge customers a fee to accept payments of any kind, including Bitcoin; while there may be a small fee associated with the wallet a casino player is using, the casino itself should not charge for accepting deposits. Using the cryptocurrency is also a good way to ensure that gamblers' privacy is maintained when they are adding cash to their accounts. Bitcoin users can look forward to transactions that are in no way attached to their identities or other parts of their personal financial footprint.

Free of Outside Control

Bitcoin, when used at an online casino or for any other transaction, is free of outside control, which puts the user's funds back under his or her sole supervision. Although Bitcoin users are responsible for their own wallets and spending choices, banks, government agencies and other third-party organizations cannot exercise control over or make record of balances or transactions.

Bitcoin Casino Transactions

Adding Bitcoin funds at a favorite online casino is generally very easy, and gamblers will find that most reputable websites publish real-time exchange rates on their websites or link to those sites that do; this makes it much easier to understand what BTC is worth in dollars, euros, pounds or another currency. While new users may not think of it, keeping track of the exchange rate is very important when choosing when to deposit at their preferred online casinos.

Bitcoin Withdrawals at Online Casinos

The amount of time that passes between a big win on the slots or at the tables and the payout at an online casino can seem extreme sometimes; although this is very understandable, as the casino is required to take certain steps to satisfy legal requirements, it is quite inconvenient to gamblers who just want to get their hands on their cash. However, those who own Bitcoin casino accounts will experience much shorter waits; in fact, some casinos can have Bitcoin wins into the hands of players in as little as 15 minutes, rather than the 5-10 business days the transaction would take with a more conventional payment method.

Begin Betting with Bitcoin Today

Whether you're new to Bitcoin and online casino play or you've been enjoying both since their respective beginnings, playing with Bitcoin is a great way to take your entertainment experience up a notch. Get started today to start placing your bets.

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