USA Bonus Poker Rooms

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With so many new online poker rooms emerging, all with their own niches and specialties, it is always important for them to be competitive with each other. For the avid poker room goer, this is a very good thing to happen. As to try and bring in more members, the online poker rooms have several strategies on how to not only attract them, but also outshine the competition. This is something that has always happened in the US; companies simply love to compete. It is not any different for those online rooms, which accept US players. Especially now, where laws are being put in place that will benefit the players and along with that, the amount of new online poker sites makes for a great time to play. The main strategy that has been very evident among the online sites has been the use of bonuses. There are many kinds of bonuses that are set up in a way to benefit the player in any circumstance they may be in. Whether it is a new member bonus or a bonus that can be won by playing certain poker games, there is a bonus for everyone.

Hard Hitting Welcome Bonus

One of the biggest kinds of one-time bonuses is the Welcome bonus, only new members can receive it. Depending on the poker room, they all have a welcome bonus, there will be different types of perks that come along with the bonus. Some sites have it set up so that when a new player signs up, they can pick what they want for their bonus; the most popular choices of bonuses Cash and tournament Play. Cash is where the new player gets a certain matched percentage of whatever they initially deposit into their account. If the site gives 100% match bonus, up to $2,000, it would simply mean that for every dollar the player deposits, the poker room will give them a dollar up to the limit amount. While the tournament play option can basically give players tournament credits in order to participate in various tournaments and satellites awarding big prize pools, packages, etc. If the online poker room has an online casino too, he/she can then receive free spins if they play slots, or an allotted amount of time to play without it affecting negatively on their account. These welcome bonuses are usually high in amounts as to draw the most people in, proving to them that the casino is wagering that they will enjoy their experience so much that they will stay and continue to play.

Bonuses and Rewards for All Players

The welcome bonus is limited to new members, but the bonuses do not stop there. There are all kinds of bonuses and rewards that most US poker rooms offer to their current members. The varieties of bonuses include welcome, weekly, promotional, seasonal, and permanent-monthly. The weekly bonuses usually focus on what might be happening that week, such as poker tournaments or newly introduced games that are not that well-known. Other types of weekly bonuses include deposit bonuses. Like the welcome bonus, it offers players a matched percentage of whatever amount they decide to deposit that week. In some cases the rooms split these bonuses into categories, like into tournament bonuses and poker game bonuses. Monthly bonuses follow the same suit, but are provided for a longer period of time, giving players enough time to take advantage of them, as well as changing them to keep the players happy.

Seasonal bonuses are dependent on what is happening during a certain time in the year such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, and others. If there is a big poker tournament coming up and the casino wants their members to be aware of this fact, they will start having certain poker tables have great bonuses. This is just one example of what they could do with the seasonal bonuses. Seeing that the before mentioned bonuses have time limits, it makes them special and gives the players a chance to get a little more cash or a more amusing time while they play. The permanent bonuses are different. They are set up so that they can be used by everyone, and may not provide as much as the other bonuses, but are there in order to give back to the loyal players of the poker site. Some permanent types of bonuses include a VIP rewards program. This is where a player, after a certain amount of time and money invested will start to get "reward points". They can then exchange these reward points for playable cash, free entry into tournaments, and other types of prizes. The online rooms want the players to have an enjoyable experience, and this is one way they can give back to their members.

Be Informed

Just by reading the big bolded words on the website is not enough to understand what these bonuses involve. Players should read the terms and conditions for each of the US bonuses they are likely to receive. This way they are not surprised when something does not work the way they thought it would. The terms and conditions are set up to protect both the casinos and player's interests. Most bonuses have a time limit or a roll over limit that players must accomplish before being able to withdraw the free playable cash that the US poker rooms gives them; it only applies to the bonus money, not the individuals' personal money that they deposit. These online sites want the player to feel like their experience is a good one, and have set up great methods of contacting customer service if any player has any questions regarding the bonuses. All in all, bonuses are a great feature that every US friendly site should have and every player should take advantage of.