5Dimes Bet Tracker App

Players at 5Dimes online casino have an opportunity to use the Pro version of the Bet Tracker app by Action Network; Bet Tracker is a up to the minute app that allows bettors to not only track their own bets but also gives bettors real-time updates on games, statistics and odds. This can be a great tool for players who like to have the information needed to make informed wagers at 5Dimes Casino. The two companies are joining together to give players at the casino three months of the Pro Membership and show players how the Pro version of the software can give them the information they need to make betting decisions online.

A Limited Time Offer

5Dimes players who wish to get their free three month membership only have until October 9, 2018 at 11:59 ET to take advantage of this generous offer. Any accounts that are not registered by October 0,2018 will not be eligible for the free three month membership. Bet Tracker has apps for both iOS and Android based devices and requires an internet connection to keep bettors updated on the latest game stats and odds.

Bet Tracker has Much to Offer Bettors

A Pro membership of Bet Tracker gives players minute by minute news about changing game odds, real-time game and player stats, game odds and all major event schedules. The Pro Membership also provides up to the minute exposure alerts that can lead to improved betting decisions and can give players news on any changes that may give a bettor a great last-minute betting opportunity.

Syncing Bet Tracker with a 5Dimes Casino Account

Players who are already registered at 5Dimes Casino can simply download the correct Bet Tracker App for their devices; both iOS and Android devices can be used in conjunction with a cellphone or Wifi signal. Once the software is downloaded and the player has registered a Bet Tracker account, if the program does not automatically link to a bettor’s 5Dimes account, they only need to click on the My Action tab and select 5Dimes as the online casino to be linked with the software. No personal information in a Bet Tracker account will be shared, including 5Dimes casino. Once a player has linked the two accounts, they can find their wagers in the Action tab of the Bet Tracker software.

A Pro Membership Provides the Most Betting Information

A basic membership only provides the stats and information for straight bets at 5Dimes and other compatible online casinos. A Pro Membership also provides up to the minute exposure alerts, real time win or loss probability for each game, game and player stats and the odds history of each game or contest. A Pro Membership also allows for tracking spread, moneyline and Over/Under bets. Parlay and Teaser bets can only be tracked with a Pro Membership to the service. When the three month trial Pro Membership expires, bettors can keep the full Pro Membership for a mere $9.99 a month.

Sports Betting is a Growing Form of Casino Play

Since a recent Supreme Court decision, sports betting is now legal at the federal level of the United States and many of the country’s 50 states are quickly embracing the ability to expand their gambling options and opportunities. Legal online sportsbooks will bring this section of the gambling industry out of the shadows and from the control of illegal bookies that have made up the bulk of the industry up to this point. Bettors of a sportsbook will almost always say that information is the greatest tool for those looking to bet on sporting events and that players who have that access are usually more successful in the long run.