Claiming A Few Dollars As A No Deposit Welcome Bonus

No doubt you are familiar with a welcome bonus. This bonus is given to many new members of numerous online casinos. Usually, your deposit is matched by a percentage amount. That could mean 100% of your deposit is given as a bonus. It might also mean you get more than that (or less, in some rarer cases).

But none of those options are as good as a no deposit welcome bonus. This is where you can enjoy a few dollars to play games with before you need to deposit anything into your new account. The question is whether it is worth signing up for a small amount to play with. Let’s see, shall we?

You can play for real prizes

This is one of the best parts of using your no deposit welcome bonus to get things underway at a casino you’ve just joined. You’ll want to check out the games collection. You can do just that with your bonus, which should give you a few dollars – maybe $5 or more – to place some bets with.

Even though many casinos place limits on how much you can win, you will still have an opportunity to win some prizes. That gets you into the mood for playing at the casino.

You can see how games work without placing bets using your own money

Some casinos offer players the chance to play games for fun. If you get this opportunity, you can select the fun or practice option instead of the play for real option. Everything works just the same, but you won’t need to bet on anything.

That’s fair enough, but you do miss out on the chance to win prizes. If you get a no deposit bonus, however, you can play games as if they were free, since you are not using your own money. Yet you do get the chance to understand how games work and how you can try and win prizes. It’s a nice middle ground that is well worth looking for.

Finding those no deposit bonuses isn’t always easy. However, there are several of them out there. Once you claim one, you can enjoy getting the chance to win some prizes. Can you imagine what it might be like to start your membership of an online casino with some good fortune? You never know…