One Hand Joker Poker at Cafe Casino

Slots and table games tend to be the most popular options for play among online casino gamblers, but video poker offers a low house edge that makes it attractive to those who enjoy web-based casino entertainment. Those gamblers who enjoy playing at Café Casino will be pleased to learn that they can now cash in on the fun of 1 Hand Joker Poker.

Why Gamers Play Video Poker

As mentioned above, video poker has a low house edge, which is fairly unusual in casino play since table games and slots both favor the house by a significant amount. The game is also based on poker, making it easy to learn, and gamblers will find that the slots-style layout and individual play ensure this form of entertainment remains low-pressure. Video poker is typically played 1, 3, 10 or 52 hands at a time, which nicely accommodates players of various skill levels.

Learning the Ropes of Joker Poker

Online casino players who are new to video poker in general or to the game of Joker Poker should know that each version has slightly different rules; while Joker Poker can be played multiple hands at a time, those just starting may want to stick with the single-hand version of the game. Winning poker hands are also winners in video poker, but those playing Joker Poker will quickly discover that the Joker is a wild card in the game. First and foremost, gamblers must learn the basics of a poker hand to become a decent player in Joker Poker; after all, knowing which cards to hold and what to throw away are one of the keys to success in the game. Players must also learn how to wager before they can start cashing in on the fun and prizes in Joker Poker.

Betting and Winning in Joker Poker

Placing a bet in Joker Poker is the first step toward taking home an awesome payout from the game. Those who play at Café Casino can look forward to wagering one to five coins per hand, and coin sizes range from $0.05 to $5.00; while gamblers must bet five coins to be eligible for the game’s biggest prize, the wager can be any of the coin sizes available. In other words, betting five coins is a must, even for players who choose the smallest coin size; after all, true gamblers won’t want to miss their chance to score the best prize in the game.

When making a 5-coin bet, Joker Poker players will find that the wins pay nicely; from offering a return on the bet for just two pair and paying a nice 250 coins for a straight flush to 4,000 coins for a royal flush and 20,000 for a sequential royal, Joker Poker offers some exceptional payouts. While many players continue to enjoy single-hand play long after they have mastered the game, those who enjoy a bit of a challenge may wish to check out the game in its other formats.

Play Single-Hand Joker Poker at Café Casino

When you’re ready to start building great poker hands in a simple, low-pressure environment, check out single-hand Joker Poker at Café Casino. New depositors can look forward to great welcome bonuses, including some that are designed just for Bitcoin users, and players will find a fantastic variety of slots, table games and other video poker that can be enjoyed when they’re ready for something a little different than the great game of Joker Poker.