Keno Player Wins $150,000 at Cafe Casino

An online bettor had a great start to the new year when a $1 wager turned into a prize of $150,000 on Keno Draw, a game that can be found in the specialty games offered at Cafe Casino. Fillipo M. of Florida won the large prize by playing the casino’s newest keno game, Keno Draw. Cafe Casino has seen an uptick in the number of players on their keno games and it turned out to be a great choice for Fillipo M. when he hit for the $150,000 win.

New Keno Title Gaining Popularity

Keno Draw, the title that Fillipo M., won on, is the newest keno game at the casino and is causing an increase in keno play at the casino. Keno Draw is much more customizable than older versions of the game. Bettors can create a background specifically for their play, the game can save a player’s favorite number sets from one session of play to the next and the soothing music playing in the background is relaxing and is not the 10 seconds of audio that plays in a unending loop on most titles. Keno Draw is also mobile-friendly and can be played on the go with a cellular or WiFi connection on both Apple and Android powered devices, allowing players to take their game with them.

Small Wagers Can Lead to Large Wins

While the odds on keno games can be long, the opportunity to win a massive prize without betting a large chunk of a bankroll. Bettors can wager as little at $0.01 and for as much $10, making it a great choice for those with smaller bankrolls who are looking for a change of pace from their favorite sloty titles. If all 15 numbers are matched in a round a $0.01 wager will result in a $1,000 prize, a $25,000 win on a $0.25 bet, $1 can bring a top prize of $100,000, $5 can lead to a prize of a half of a million dollars and a player can see a $1,000,000 increase in bankroll on a mere $10 bet.

A Great Alternative for Slot Players

Keno games are a an alternative to slot titles for players who have small bankrolls or just need a change of pace. A 15 number bet only needs to match six numbers for the player to see a win; zero numbers matched also gives players a small win. Fillip M. had a great start to his 2018 by winning on a single game of keno. Players who play at Cafe Casino may want to take a turn at this new game at casino and all players may want to take a look at what a keno title can add to their gambling experience and their bankroll.