The Fourth Big Win At Bovada Casino

When A Night With Cleo Slots was released, it raised a few eyebrows with its mature content, but it is now gaining attention for something else entirely at Bovada Casino. In the month of January, the slot title paid out four large that totaled almost a million dollars; four lucky bettors scored over $964,000 in wins on the controversial slot title.

The Latest Player Was From Michigan

On January 30th, Shannon, from Michigan, was playing A Night With Cleo at the minimum wager required to trigger the game's random progressive jackpot, at $! A spin, when that is exactly what happened. The bettor triggered the random progressive jackpot and received the amazing win of $114,698 from the slot. This would be the third six digit win from the title for the month of January and the fourth worth over $50,000.

Four Happy Players at Bovada Casino

The excitement started on the 6th of January when the smallest of the four wins, over $57,000, was won by an unidentified player at the online casino. Only two days later, A Night with Cleo ramped up the excitement when another player, who also wished to remain anonymous, hit a bigger payday at over $359,000 on January 8th. The largest win of the month would come on the 24th when another unidentified winner collected a win of over $435,000 on a slot title that was quickly gaining popularity. Six days later, Shannon became the fourth winner with the random progressive win.

A Slot With Mature Content is Rare

A Night with Cleo created a stir when it was released, the developer Proprietary Games, took a much used theme, Cleopatra, and gave it a naughty twist. When the bonus game is triggered, payers choose the color of the next playing card to be turned over and if correct, the bonus is increased and Cleo would remove a layer of clothing. The wrong color ends the bonus round and all bonus money if forfeited. The bettor is given the chance to quit and take any winnings instead of risking it. A player that can make the correct color choice five times in a row not only scores a large win, but also can see Cleo remove the last of her clothing.

Multiple Large Wins Unusual

Mature content aside, A Night with Cleo had a rather odd January. It is rare to see a title award the number of large prizes that this slot has in a single month at a single casino. Big wins can generate bettor interest and if the play on a title increases, so do the odds of multiple wins; but this is still considered unusual. Four Bovada players are extremely happy that they chose to play A Night With Cleo when they did because it sure paid off for them.