Roll the Dice

The new game, Throw the Dice, has begun to make appearances in online casinos all over the world and is a great choice for bettors who prefer a fast-paced gaming experience. Also known as Fish-Prawn-Crab, this game has a simple premise that even the newest players will have no trouble grasping the rules. While the game is simple, big bettors may want to start small, as this is a game that can make quick work of most bankrolls if players aren’t careful.

A Unique Set of Dice

Players will notice that these are not your standard dice; instead, players will find animations on these dice including fish, prawn, crab, coin, rooster, Calabash and the Triple Symbol. Making a wager on Roll the Dice is easy to learn. Only a single coin is allowed to be wagered but coin sizes get as large as $500, giving all players a price point they like. Penny players may balk at the minimum $1 wager and players with large bankrolls need to play cautiously as this is a game that can eat through any size bankroll quickly.

It All Depends on Where the Dice Fall

When making the wager, a player chooses one of the animated symbols and the dice are tossed. If one of the dice match the symbol chosen it pays 1:1, two matching awards 1:2 and all three matching the symbol chosen results in a 1:3 payout. The lone exception is the Triple symbol that features three more dice inside the icon. The new dice in the triple symbol are then shuffled and if all of the symbols in the Triple match the symbol chosen by the player, the game pays out at 1:30. If a player makes a maximum bet of $500 and hits for the 1:30 prize, that bettor will receive the largest prize possible, $15,000.

A Simple Game Full of Excitement

Throw the Dice is an easy game to learn and play; this title requires no strategy and is a great choice when players are feeling overwhelmed by other things in life and need something relaxing. Roll the Dice is a great start for slot players that want to try something different but do not want to get to outside their comfort zone. It is also a good choice for experienced table players who are looking for a game that is more relaxing than what they routinely play.