Slots.LV Offers a New Way to Play Tri Card Poker

While many online casino players simply stick to slots, those who play table games know that the rules and interface can occasionally seem a bit confusing to those without a lot of experience with such titles. However, Slots.LV Casino is taking some of the guess work out of playing Tri Card Poker, and their efforts are really paying off for those who have always been too nervous to give the game a try.

The Basics of Tri Card Poker

Players who have at least a passing familiarity with standard poker hands will find that playing Tri Card Poker is actually quite simple. The goal of the game is to simply build a better hand than the dealer, much like one does when playing blackjack.

After the ante, both the player and the dealer will receive three cards, the dealer’s cards are placed face-down while the player’s cards are face-up. From here, gamblers must decide whether they wish to fold or raise, as is typical in any style of poker. Most players take the rule of raising any hand that has a Queen in it to heart since the dealer’s hand must have at least a Queen-high to stay in the game.

Tri Card Poker also offers a side bet called the Pair+ that allows for a bit more action on the game. This simply means that any hand that has a pair of any two cards in it is eligible for a win. Should the player land a straight flush by recieving three consecutive cards of the same suit, the bet will pay 40:1.

Tri Card Poker Takes it Easy

While some forms of poker involve more complicated rules and a greater number of players, Tri Card Poker makes it easy for gamblers to plan their stratagy. Because Tri Card Poker only involves the dealer, the player and a total of six cards between the two, it is much easier to master quickly. The potential prizes for winning can also be quite inviting, making this game one that gamblers are certain to enjoy.

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Players who are intrigued by the idea of Tri Card Poker can try the game for themseves at Slots.LV Casino. Of course, Slots.LV also offers a full slate of other table games, slots and everything in between. Get started today to find out if you have what it takes to cash in on the fun and prizes associated with this simplified version of one of the world’s most-loved card games.