A Marriage Made in Heaven: Betsoft Partners with Intertops

The consequence of this amalgamation of giants means that both US and European markets are served by one entity. Both Betsoft and Intertops will pool their resources and synergies to create one focused provider for both major markets.

Betsoft need no introduction. Already well known for the production of quality Slot Games, namely the Slots3™ brand of products. Intertops being a major European online casino provider with a wide reaching network in several European jurisdictions. The company intend to go one step further by providing a vast selection of games from the extensive catalogue in English as well as German. This will enable Betsoft to offer this extensive and impressive game catalogue all over the world. The games are a selection of true 3D Video Slot games, along with the very best quality Mobile versions and will be offered to clients of Intertops' (along with US clients of Betsoft). This will create one of the best game selections anywhere in the world. This (new) brand (line) of games will be released under the ToGo™ Collection.

Over the years, Betsoft has painstakingly built a reputation of providing innovative, true, 3D Cinematic gaming experiences of the highest quality. In fact Betsoft are considered a Tier One game provider of complete system gaming software. Betsoft offers an extensive catalogue of games in excess of 180 (and growing), under the Slots3™ brand. Developing and building on the console video game experience as well as animated feature films, Betsoft have managed to corner the market with high quality games. As if this were not enough, Betsoft directed focus on the ever growing Mobile Slot game sector from as early as 2012. A year later, in 2013, Betsoft went one step further by releasing the highly anticipated Slots3™ Interactive™ line of games. These games are available on platforms by major providers in the industry who are clients of Betsoft.

Justin Camilleri of Betsoft was recently interviewed about this strategic move in a lengthy interview. He mentioned that one of the main advantages is that Intertops brings over 20 years of experience to the table. Another major advantage is the attention to player experience coupled with an eye on the future that Intertops is well known for. This ensures that the players' experiences are in excess of the highest industry standards, as well as compatible with current trends and technological advances.

In the other hand, when a top ranking representative of Intertops was asked about the move, besides mentioning that the company has been in operation for so long, experiencing all sorts of trends, Intertops is currently in a perfect position to truly understand players' needs. This is precisely why Betsoft was chosen; the quality of games produced. Older and New titles are popular, well designed and really fun to play. They reach a wide spectrum of player types and the gaming experience is truly authentic. This move is intended to cement Intertop's position within the i-gaming industry as a major player, innovator, and provider of the best selection of games to players across the globe.