Bingo and Soccer Meet in Bingo Goal

Ignition Casino has created the opportunity for customers to combine two incredibly beloved pastimes, bingo and soccer. The new Bingo Goal at Ignition Casino offers gamblers the chance to blend the excitement of bingo with the exhilaration of World Cup Soccer in a specialized form of Bingo that includes a progressive jackpot, special wins for specific patterns and bonus games that will make any gambler go wild.

How to Play Bingo Goal

  • Immediately upon beginning the game, Bingo Goal players will be asked to select a wager size before being dealt one, two, three or four cards; the minimum bet for the game is $0.10, and players may choose to play however many of the four cards that they wish. Once the setup is complete, gamblers will hit the “Play” button to receive 30 randomly selected bingo balls; each card requires 15 numbers to win, which means that starting the game with the maximum four cards will better players’ odds.
  • Those who manage to score themselves 14 out of 15 matches on any given Bingo Goal card will be given the chance to purchase an additional 12 bingo numbers; this increases the chance of winning the game even more. Bingo Goal also offers gamblers a bonus round to those who have managed to complete a “field” pattern on their card; once every number on the outside border of the card is covered, the Penalty Kick Bonus Round begins. Players then pick a team to determine their multiplier and take five penalty kicks; this end-of-game shootout match awards prizes for every goal, so shoot carefully.

Technical Aspects of Bingo Goal

Ignition Casino bettors will also be pleased with the fact that they can reshuffle the numbers on the cards if they believe that doing so will improve their game; this reassigns new numbers to cards for those who dislike the randomly selected numbers that appear on their screen. Additionally, gamblers will love the fact that the game has been optimized for mobile play. Orientation of the screen can be adjusted with a simple tilt, and soccer goals and bingo wins can occur virtually anywhere with a mobile data or wifi connection.

Play Bingo Goal at Ignition Casino Today

Online casino enthusiasts interested in playing Bingo Goal can find the title at Ignition Casino; those who have never deposited at Ignition can even look forward to a welcome bonus that could be worth up to $2,000. Visit Ignition Casino today for your chance to score goals, create bingo patterns and perhaps even walk away with some incredible prizes.