Baccarat Now Accessible to Online Bettors

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For many years Baccarat has been a game for the wealthy and has been a mystery to many casino players at both online and land-based casinos. Generally hidden behind the curtains and walls of VIP rooms, almost all bettors have heard of the game but very few get the privilege to play it Some online casinos are correcting this discrepancy between the two groups and offering hands of baccarat for as little as a dollar a game. The fact that Baccarat is a very mobile-friendly game make it a perfect first choice for those who are new to table games; the game is also very easy to wager and has a small gradual learning curve.

Betting on Baccarat

Making a wager at Baccarat table is a very simple process; a player only needs to choose one of the three possible outcomes from a hand of the game, a player win, a dealer win or a tie. When playing Baccarat, bettors must remember that they are not the player and they do not get their own hand of cards; bettors are only observers to the actual and are only allowed to wager on the outcome. With no play strategy to learn, online players can choose to play for the first time and feel confident in their ability to make a wager on the table game. To some, betting even as little as a dollar a game may seem to be high but it is still much more affordable than the thousands that VIP members at land-based casinos wager on a single hand of the game.

The Results

Baccarat consists of two hands belonging to a player and the dealer; two cards are dealt to each face up and additional cards can be drawn depending on what cards were initially dealt. The goal is to be the closest to nine and the scoring in Baccarat is different than most. The ace is worth one point,the two through nine cards are face value and all other cards have no value. If the player has an initial score of two to six they will draw another card and if the dealer has a hand of zero to two they draw an additional card. The dealer may also draw another card with a higher score depending on the score of the player’s hand. If the cards add up to double digits the first number is dropped and only the right digit is used.

Baccarat’s Simplicity Makes it a Great Choice

Baccarat is a recent addition to online casinos and can be a good fit for many online players. The game is easy to learn and the excitement of it comes in quick bursts, making it the perfect option for online play. Baccarat is coming out of its hiding places in VIP rooms and is becoming available for those who play online. Baccarat could be the ideal choice for an online casino gambler who is looking for new wagers in his or her wagering adventures.