New, Simpler Transactions at Paddy Power Casino

While online casino players have historically wagered at their favorite gaming establishments using the casino-powered software provided, those who like to spin the reels or hit the tables at Paddy Power Casino can now look forward to betting via Facebook Messenger. Designed by developer, Onionsack, the new method of wagering is set to change the face of online gaming for the foreseeable future.

How It Works

Although the concept may seem foreign to online bettors, those who connect to the Paddy Power Facebook Messenger bot will have the opportunity to compose a written message that describes the bet that they wish to place; for example, should a player wish to wager a specific amount on a predetermined game, the Onionsack platform will translate the message, follow the instructions and execute the bet. This will simplify online wagering by making it more accessible to players; after all, the vast majority of casino enthusiasts are already members of the widely used social networking platform known as Facebook.

Other Features Available

Those gamblers who love the idea of being able to wager through the transactional bot supported by Facebook Messenger will also be excited to learn that they can also enjoy a variety of other features. For instance, those who want to remain current on affairs at Paddy Power can follow the casino’s blog, receive important news updates or even use the “Entertain Me” button to pass spent waiting at the doctor’s office or the train station. Any player aged 18 or over can take advantage of the Paddy Power Chatbot powered by Facebook Messenger, assuming that they are already a member of Facebook. Also useful is the fact that that the Onionsack software allows gamblers to request odds before placing a specific wager and offers notifications that are tailored to their unique style of online casino play. Finally, users will be just one tap away from Paddy Power’s interesting podcasts and creative, fun videos.

Palpable Excitement Across the Board

It seems as though the excitement for the new transactional Facebook Messenger Chatbot at Paddy Power Casino reaches from the developer to the casino to the players; with rising enthusiasm, both those who are experiencing online casino gaming for the first time and those who have been betting for years are sure to fall in love with the simplicity of this new style of wagering. Paddy Power product director, Michael Healy, stated that “We know our customers love mobile messaging apps so having a ChatBot on Facebook Messenger is the obvious first step into the Chatbot marketplace. We’re delighted to be the first bookmaker to market in such an exciting area.” Onionsack CEO, Jonathan Power, agrees that this new wagering option will be well-received by casino players. “With nearly the whole world connected to Facebook, the logical step is to allow customers to place a bet through the social media giant’s Messenger app.”

Launching into the Future

When the software advancements made within the last decade are combined with the recently developed Onionsack product, it becomes immediately clear that both casinos and players will be able to use these exciting options to increase the entertainment value of online casinos. Regardless of what the future holds, online bettors can look forward to better, easier-to-use entertainment options at Paddy Power.