5 Modern, Game-Changing Casino Features

Land-based gaming establishments have come a long way since the inception of the totally mechanical, 3-reel, 1-payline slot game, and online casinos have implemented modern features that have changed the face of casino play forever. From mobile play to wagering with virtual currency, betting online has never been more innovative.

Mobile Play Allows Betting Anytime and Anywhere

Online casino entertainment began as something that players had to download to their desktop computers to enjoy when they had the time to sit at home in the evening or on the weekends. That all changed when flash games became available for instant play, and later, when mobile casino play could take gaming anywhere to be enjoyed anytime the user had a data or wifi connection. Today, mobile casino entertainment makes it possible to hit it big at the dentist's office or theoretically wager while chatting with a spouse; simply put, no internet-accessible area is now off-limits when it comes to betting online.

Live Help Offers Assistance in Real Time

The time lapse that occurs between the moment help is requested via email to the instant that the player opens a returned email can easily encompass hours if not one or more days. However, today's best casinos offer real-time assistance regarding banking, technical or other questions that players may have. The live-chat feature is often available around-the-clock, and customers know that the information that they are receiving is both accurate and up-to-date.

Randomly Awarded Progressive Jackpots

Online casino play, especially among slots, enjoys progressive games similarly to those that have been long-featured in land-based casinos. However, those who like to wager online can now look forward to one or more progressive jackpots associated with their favorite slots and other games. Often awarded randomly to a player who has met the wagering requirements associated with winning the progressive, these jackpots come unexpectedly to online gamblers.

Graphically Superior, Licensed Games

While every casino game online belongs to a subgroup based on who created it, those games that are both branded and licensed are actively referenced when players discuss their favorite slots. From the fantastical heroes of DC and Marvel Comics to those titles based on game shows and favorite television characters, licensed slots have changed casino play to include popular culture in a whole new way. Such games are typically packed with bonus content and graphically designed to better connect the original character, show or movie with players.

Betting With Digital Currency

Funding a casino account to place real-money wagers requires the casino enthusiast to add cash with a credit card, bank transfer, third-party payment service or most recently, digital currency. While Bitcoin is by far the most widely known and accepted digital currency among casinos and online players, other forms of digital payment, including Ether, are becoming a part of the scene as well.

Innovation at its Finest

Today's gamblers will find that their online casino entertainment experiences are filled innovative features that will turn their favorite titles into more accessible, graphically enhanced wonders that they can wager and win on in almost any location. The idea of topping such a fantastic gaming adventure off by telling players that they can wager on these incredible games using anonymous, digital currency makes it clear that modern features have changed casino play forever.