U-Spin Gives Roulette a New Feel

Developer Scientific Games has created a device that allows players to enjoy more interaction when playing at roulette tables in land-based casinos; U-Spin, the aptly named device, allows bettors to release the ball into the roulette wheel. Both casinos and players alike are excited about the potential of U-Spin, which could include the creation of side bets and possibly even more.

A Simple History

Roulette is a game that has been wagered on for centuries with very little in the way of change when it comes to how the game itself is played. Easy to learn and difficult to master, roulette players wager on where the ball will land at the end of the spin; the number attached to the spot that the ball lands in is the winning number. While there are two main types of roulette, American and European, the main difference between the two is the use of the double zeros; this simply changes the number of betting options for players and the odds of winning during any given spin. U-Spin does not impact the game's outcome whatsoever, instead just allowing players at the table to take turns releasing the ball.

More Like Other Table Games

Roulette is a table game that has somewhat of a detached feel to it; while so little interaction draws some players to the table enthusiastically, others avoid it entirely because they prefer a game that offers more interaction. U-Spin creates a community feeling among the players at the table instead of leaving each participant feeling he or she is sitting alone somewhere. Many bettors who have tried U-Spin say that the device gives roulette the feeling of camaraderie that is often found at a craps table; simply put, U-Spin offers the type of player interaction that many believe has always been missing from the game.

Seemingly Endless Possibilities

Player interaction is not the only change that U-Spin could bring to the gambling industry. The device can release up to three balls per individual spin, which could revolutionize a game that has seen very little in the way of change over the course of its long history. Many roulette players love the concept of side bets and the chance to try to work the odds of the game to their favor; U-Spin, with its three-ball action, can increase the ability of players who use such strategies when they play the game.

The Future of Roulette

While no one in the gambling industry foresees the U-Spin device at every roulette table in a casino, many feel that it could be a method of attracting new players to the game; by creating a more interactive version of roulette, casinos will be better able to accommodate their players' gaming preferences and offer additional betting options to those who enjoy the game. Whether the U-Spin device results in a massive success or an epic failure, it is proof that the gambling world will continue to adapt and keep pace with the rapidly changing technology in its industry. Either way, casino enthusiasts can expect interesting changes to some of their favorite games as casinos strive to create new options for classic games.