BitStarz Introduces Max Bet Protection

For many years, online casino players have had to deal with max-bet restrictions that come with generous bonuses that many online casinos give to their players; while the restrictions are in place to protect casinos from player abuse, the technical aspect can cause confusion among real-money depositors, especially those who are just beginning to wager online. However, BitStarz Casino has introduced max-bet protection to ensure that players aren’t soured on online betting due to an unfortunate technicality.

Max Bet Restrictions on Bonus Funds

A max-bet limit restricts how much money a player can bet on a single wager; it was implemented to stop abusive bettors from who were jumping from casino to casino, receiving generous bonuses and using them to make extremely large bets in hopes of hitting a major payday. While the rule has achieved its goal of stopping the abuse, it has also tripped up uninformed or under-informed gamblers who honestly didn’t understand why they couldn’t wager as they pleased. The penalty for breaking the max-bet rule is severe; winnings are confiscated by the casino but losses remain losses; this has caused many newcomers to online wagering to leave entirely because they believed internet betting and casino bonuses were a scam.

A Solution Comes from BitStarz Casino

BitStarz Casino took notice of the number of requests for assistance for gamblers who wanted to stay within the restrictions but were confused by the rule. BitStarz Casino listened and now puts betting limits for each unique player into the software. “At BitStarz, we believe that it’s absolutely vital to have a good relationship with our players and listen to what they say. I’m delighted we’ve been able to find a technical solution to this and met our players’ request, and would like to state that we’ll always have our doors open for feedback,” said BitStarz marketing manager, Kate Garber.

BitStarz Casino has Even More to Offer

Offering a large number of titles from multiple developers and allowing deposits to be made in several different currencies are just a couple of the things that set BitStarz apart from the competition. The casino was also one of the first internet-based gaming establishments to offer deposits and withdrawals using Bitcoin . Priding itself on providing players with the newest games and using the most cutting-edge technology in the industry, BitStarz is set to continue pleasing gamblers with everything it has to offer. Independent casino rating websites tend to give BitStarz a high ranking, and the customer service department is known for its commitment to excellence. Whether players are new or returning, BitStarz has always been a casino that listens to its customers, and this latest implementation of gamer-focused technology is likely to not be the last example of the casino going out of its way to ensure the ongoing satisfaction of every gambler who gives BitStarz a chance.