Bovada Debuts Multi-Hand Blackjack

Blackjack players looking for a little more excitement in game play may want to visit Bovada Casino and the site’s newest table game, Multi-Hand Blackjack. This form of blackjack allows players to play one, two or three individual hands simultaneously against the one hand of the dealer. Knowledgeable Blackjack players can immediately see the advantages of playing more than one hand per round and Blackjack novices can use this version of the game to quicken the learning curve that comes with the game some simply call 21.

Multi-Hand Advantages

Bettors who have played many hands of Blackjack understand the feeling in the pit of their stomachs when the initial two cards are dealt and they realize they have a very small chance of beating the dealer, especially when the dealer has an ace or king showing on that side of the table. Starting with two or three hands may cost a bit more in the initial ante phase, but having three hands to choose from is a definitive advantage as poor hands can be discarded; insurance can also be bought when the dealer shows an ace. The strategies of splitting and doubling down on hands that show great potential can also give the player an advantage that he or she just does not get with only one hand.

Anteing Up for Three Hands

Those who choose to play with the full complement of three hands must ante into the pot for all three hands. After the deal, a decision must be made for each of the three hands; each hand is played separately against the dealer’s single hand, giving players an advantage of what can be three against the one single hand that the dealer is limited to during each round. It can be much easier to discard a hand at this juncture when playing three instead of just one hand, as dumping one hand will only lose a third of the initial wager and still gives the player up to two viable hands that have a good chance to defeat the dealer’s hand.

Changing Strategies

Three hands per game also changes other strategies that bettors use when playing at the blackjack table; splitting hands, doubling down and buying insurance against the dealer’s visible ace decisions can all change when a p0layer has more than on hand to consider. Knowing that one or even two of the hands are 21 and sure winners can allow a player to play a little looser with the other one or two hands on the table in front of them.

Getting More out of Each Hand

Playing more than one pair of cards in a hand of blackjack gives players with advanced skills more potential with each hand that is played. While the initial ante may cost more, three hands versus a single hand of the dealer does give the bettor an advantage as multi-player still only uses the six deck shoe that is used in single hand games. The multi-hand table at Bovada is available as a download, an instant play and is compatible with all of the mobile options available at the casino. Blackjack connoisseurs looking for something a little different in their Blackjack table sessions may find what they are looking for at Bovada with the casino’s multi-handed tables.