Love Slots

Single or coupled, Love Slots is an excellent option for anyone who enjoys romance, sweet nothings, hearts and the overall feeling of love in the air. Offering just three reels and five paylines, those who opt to spin the reels in Love Slots will find plenty to be excited about despite its simplicity.

Easy-to-Use Betting System

Gamblers will find that Love Slots features a fairly flexible betting structure for a game of its size; players may choose between covering one, two, three, four or five paylines in the title at a rate of two to six coins per line; this creates a betting differential of 2 to 30 coins, and gamers have the choice of selecting each line individually or clicking "MAX" to immediately spin the reels at the highest level of wagering.

Interesting, Fun Symbols on the Reels

Icons on the reels in Love Slots depict the theme perfectly; with roses, lips, heart-enclosed puppies, a box of chocolates, teddy bears, hearts, cupids with arrows and the intricate, delightful Love Slots Logo symbols, everyone will find something to enjoy about this set of icons.

Prizes Depend on Paylines Covered

Gamblers who choose to wager two, four or six coins per line are offered different prizes depending on how many coins they have previously selected. For example, the rose icons that offer the smallest payouts will award three, six or twelve coins when the right configuration lands on an active payline on the reels. Similarly, those who spin three boxes of chocolates will land themselves 25, 50 or 100 coins, which is the first level of the game that truly demonstrates just how significant the prizes can become for those who opt to cover every payline with the minimum, middle or maximum number of credits. Finally, the top prize in the game is awarded to those who score the Love Slots Logo icon in triplicate; offering 200, 400 and 800 coins for a two, four or six coin wager, this is the highest possible jackpot in the game.

Classic Entertainment

Gamers who enjoy the traditional entertainment of a classic slot will be overjoyed with Love Slots. From the simple graphics, easy game play and great prize potential on the reels, Love Slots is a great way to celebrate love-themed holidays or any day that you are in the mood for a bit of romance.

Fall in Love on the Reels

Whether you're looking for love on the reels or simply want to spin them in hopes of winning some cash for a special Valentine's Day date, you are sure to find a great deal of entertainment in Love Slots. Get started today for your chance to wager, spin and win.