Slots LV - How to Start

Signing up at Slots LV Casino is the first step toward playing the incredible titles at the gaming establishment and comes with access to promotions, among other exciting perks. Read on to learn more about signing up, choosing a mode of play, and getting started with the wide-ranging, thrilling games at Slots LV Casino.

Registering at the Casino

Gaming at Slots LV starts with the signup process, which is quick, easy, and never requires payment. Once players arrive at the Slots LV website on a computer or mobile device, they can click or tap the "Join" button in the upper, righthand corner of the screen. The registration form asks for basic information, including the player's name, birthdate, address, etc. With a signup process that's no more burdensome than those found at any reputable casino, players will be able to register and start spinning the reels faster than they've ever imagined.

Practice Games or Play for Money

Once players have the login credentials obtained through the signup process, they can choose whether to bet cash immediately or prefer to practice first. Gamblers choosing to practice may select that option from the load screen of their preferred game; practice play is unlimited, totally free, and an excellent way to play. It's also easy to begin playing for real money, but players will need to choose a payment method, select a bonus if they want one, and make a deposit to get started. Gamblers often alternate between practice and real money play, which is a terrific way to explore new games, stay on budget, and have tons of fun.

Selecting a Bonus and Making a Deposit

Once casino enthusiasts decide to try real money play, they'll need to begin the process of claiming a bonus and making a deposit. Bettors who plan to deposit without claiming a promo can deposit and start playing immediately. Payment methods at Slots LV include Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash. While the payment methods available are the same whether or not a player accepts a bonus, gamblers will still need to select one before claiming their welcome bonus.
  • New players funding their accounts for the first time can claim a welcome bonus package of up to $5,000. In addition, the first deposit offers a 200 percent match to $1,000, while those making deposits two through eight can claim a 100 percent match of up to $500 each. This excellent welcome offer is topped by its Bitcoin counterpart, however.
  • When new players make their initial deposit with Bitcoin, they're eligible for a welcome bonus package worth up to $7,500. Because players are depositing with the preferred payment method of Bitcoin, their first deposit will net them up to $1,500 with a 300 percent matching bonus. The following eight Bitcoin deposits will allow players to claim 150 percent bonuses of up to $750 each.

Choosing Slots to Play

One of the best things about Slots LV Casino is that gamblers can choose from a massive array of slot games, and each is as enjoyable as the last. The slot games have been broken down into subcategories to assist users in finding the titles that they want to play the most.
  • Gamblers looking for a classic entertainment experience on the reels won't want to miss out on the 3-reel slots at the casino. 3-reel games typically have one or three paylines, although these can sometimes go as high as nine lines; they also little in the way of bonus content. That said, gamblers can nearly always bet one, two, or three coins per spin, which gives the game a bit more flexibility in terms of potential wins.
  • 5-reel video slots are the games that make up the majority of the Slots LV portfolio, and bettors will find these titles in more themes than they can imagine. Players spinning five reels will also encounter a host of bonus games, including pick-to-win, free spins, wild features, and even skill-based rounds.
  • The categories dubbed "Most Popular" and "New" generally overlap as new games tend to be popular. While these categories contain both three and five reel games, players looking to blur the line between traditional gaming and today's hottest plays can easily do so by selecting one of these games.
  • Although every slot has a top win that casinos and developers consider a jackpot, the Jackpot games at Slots LV often provide a progressive jackpot. Winning the progressive jackpot can occur in several different ways, including randomly, but one thing remains true across all jackpot games: These are the titles that allow players to win and win big.
  • Finally, Slots LV offers a selection of exclusive slots. These games break away from the norm in many cases, and bettors will love the funky bonus features, unique themes, and fabulous prizes that come with them. So when bettors are looking for something original, the Slots LV exclusives are an excellent place to begin.

Registration is Open and Exciting Slots Await

Players ready to sign up and start at Slots LV now know that they can quickly and easily. From registering an account and choosing a payment method to selecting a bonus and spinning the reels, it is fast and fun to cash in on the titles at Slots LV Casino.