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New and returning Slots LV players alike will enjoy the selection of blackjack games at the casino. In addition to a live dealer version, Slots LV features eight unique varieties of blackjack that gamblers love. That said, this guide covers betting, terminology, winning, and losing in the casino's classic version of the game. Read on to learn more.

Blackjack Betting

Betting in classic blackjack is done by the hand, and players can choose a wager falling between $1 and $2,500. To place the bet, players can select the appropriate number of chips in denominations ranging from $1 to $500. Like almost every game at Slots LV Casino, gamblers can look forward to experiencing classic blackjack in practice play mode. Perfect for bettors new to the game, practice play is an excellent way to learn the ropes before betting real money.

Blackjack Terms Every Player Should Know

Learning the proper terminology for any casino game is vital, so we've included a list of the most common blackjack words and how players will encounter them in the Slots LV interface.
  • Once gamblers place their bets, they'll see a "Deal" button that allows them to start the hand. When players press the button, they'll receive two cards, one face up and one facedown. "Deal" becomes "Rebet" after one hand; the button allows players to make the same wager on their next hand, even though they have the option to change the size of their bet at any time.
  • "Hit" is the label on another button in the Slots LV blackjack interface, and pressing it will deal an additional card to players on their quest toward 21.
  • Tapping or clicking "Stand" will end the player's deal; they will not be able to receive another card. When a blackjack player stands, they should have the most substantial hand possible without busting.
  • "Double" is an intriguing blackjack button with which many gamblers are unfamiliar. Users may only select this option after the initial deal. Once players choose to double, they'll receive one additional card for twice the wager. Players will have to accept that card as their final one, however, as choosing to double down is the last move a player can make during a hand.
  • The "Split" button is only available when players receive two identical cards on the deal. Users will have the option of separating the two and receiving two additional cards if they're willing to double their bet. Players cannot split more than once per hand.
  • "Surrender" is helpful for a hand the player deems hopeless. While surrendering isn't in the character of many gamblers, the option is available; during a Slots LV blackjack surrender, players will receive one-half of their bet back in exchange for ending the hand early. Players may only surrender after the initial deal.
  • Finally, players can purchase bet insurance to protect against losing the hand to a dealer's blackjack. Bet insurance is a side bet that is only available when the dealer's face-up card is an ace, and its cost equals one-half the value of the wager. For instance, insurance on a $100 blackjack bet would cost $50 and may payout at a rate of 2:1, depending on the circumstances.

Winning and Losing: Blackjack Basics

Players with little knowledge of the ins and outs of blackjack need to understand the basics to be successful at the games. The object of blackjack is for players to get as close to 21 as possible without going over 21. The dealer, of course, will also be striving to reach 21, which means the player who gets the closest without exceeding the magic number will win the hand. Players receive two cards at the deal, one face up and one facedown. After viewing their facedown card, gamblers can decide whether they want to "Hit" to receive another card or "Stand" to begin the process of finishing the hand. While there are intricacies to blackjack that go far beyond these basics, including the fact that the dealer stands on a preset number, frequently 17, this information is the first step toward completing a hand of blackjack.

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