Deposit Requirements

Just with anything in life there are restrictions also when it comes to depositing at an online casino. The restrictions are not just to do with the way that you can deposit and the deposit methods that are available to you but also the amount that you must deposit in order to be eligible for games and the exciting bonuses that casinos offer. Online casinos that accept US players used to be very limited with the number of deposit options that they offered but now with the opening of the US market for online gaming more and more banking options are available. These banking options are encouraging casino players to choose them and therefore you will find a number of deposit options that give you an added percentage bonus when you deposit with them. The only restriction will be the minimum amount of deposit which is usually very fair and stands at around 25 casino credits.

Currency Deposit Requirements for Bonus Options

More and more online casinos are claiming that they are truly international but a real international casino will also allow you to make deposits in a number of different currencies. Restricting the currencies that you can deposit in at the casino will cost you more money as you will have to pay a small commission in order to change your local currency to the required currency at the casino. In order to be able to deposit at an online casino whether it is one that is downloadable or an instant flash one, you will have to register as a real player. This is fine for most players but one of the requirements is also that you are over 21 years of age, for this you will have to undergo an age verification question which involves producing utility bills and or credit card statements. This is just a formality and ensures the safety of you as a player and the integrity of the casino.

Multi-Level Bonus Deposit Requirements

For some casinos a minimum deposit is required in order to claim the sign up bonus offer. If the sign up bonus offer is a multi level offer then you will have to make sure that you have enough money in your bankroll to cover the minimum requirements together with any extra betting that you wish to carry out. It is always a good idea to read up on the requirements of the bonuses and promotions before you start playing to make sure that you have enough money available and spread your money wisely through the different gaming options.