Placing Chips on Wynn Resorts Is a Good Bet

Wynn Resorts are owners and operates Destination Casino Resorts and Luxury Hotels in Las Vegas NV, China & Macau.

The resorts are well known for their beautiful guest suites and rooms, excellent restaurants, gold courses, and also on site top of the range automotive dealerships. Gaming Stocks have begun to return this year, Wynn resorts might be a pretty sure bet-literally.

The gaming industry lost some gound over recent years, this is due to global crisis. However, recent there has been a trend to see some of the gaming stock coming back into the game. The stocks are still undervalued as they stillneed to catch up within the overall market. Revenue in the industry for the 1st quarter of 2013 has beat the modest expectations of the analysists.

Macau arises

Macau is known as the ‘Monte Carlo of the Orient’ and during 2007 overtook the Las Vegas NV in revenue for gaming. The number have been quite impressive and the Macau casino sector has shown to be over five times bigger than Vegas. The economy of Macau is growing very fast and has reported a rate of 19% annually, this is even faster than mainland China. Macau has proven to be a most noteworthy growth engine for the traditional gaming.

Steve Wynn, opened his 1st casino in China during 2006. Seven years later the operations in Macau accounts for over 70% of earnings for Wynns. It is expected that Macau will be continuing a strong show of growth in 2013. The operations in Macau is a 20 year concession agreement between the government and Wynn. Wynn is in the process of developing a $4 billion gambling resort situated in the Macau’s Cotai Strip that is expected to open its doors during 2016.

Mr. Wynn once made a joke and said that he would move the Wynn’s corporate headquarters to Macau once he has learned to speak Chinese.

Winners choose Wynn resorts as an investment

The forecasts for Wynn Resorts promises a decent growth for 2013 and the future, the trend is the Chinese and USA markets recovering, means that many new opportunities will be coming up for gaming companies all over the world as more states in the USA approve online gaming. Macau and Las Vegas NV will continue contributing towards Wynn’s growth. Wynn resorts has plans for unveiling an online gambling venture, they feel this will provide new avenues for further growth. The company has applied for a online poker license in Nevada, and there are rumurs that Wynn’s is in talks with Zunga to deliver a real money online poker platform.

Zynga is gaining experience for their real money venture in the UK with their Zynga Plus Poker. New Jersey’s legalization for online gambling and other states also following suit, together with Zynga’s reputation for their innovative and creative gaming placed both companies in a superior position to be able to penetrate this lucrative market.

Competition and Online gaming

The gaming market is steadily shifting to online, legislators have begun to realize that there is tax money that is being lost. At present international gaming on line is over $30 billion, with the market at the introductory stage at this point in time, and Wynn’s and their peers want to ride the crest of the wave.

The large technology companies like Zynga, Facebook and others are already in the planning stages of development to be able to penetrate the online gaming fields. The Facebook has already started presenting a proposal internationally. The superiority of the technology that Facebook and Zynga are using together with the expertise and experience from companies like Wynn will see things change in the industy over the next few years.

Already MGM Resorts Internation, a leading global hospitality company, has already tried to partner with big named PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker. MGM has realized that if online gambling becomes legal they will lose a large chunk of this lucrative business if they don’t prepare. The casino companies are already getting ready for the transition.

Las Vegas Sands is one of the leading global developers for destination properties, they are controlled by Sheldon Adelson which is one of Wynn Resorts’ larger competitors. Las Vegas Sands is financially solid, they have reported special dividends and share buyback.

The company has about $2.5 bilion available, and they are expanding at a very rapid pace, there is a new resort to be built at Macau, and they are also looking at opportunities in Japan and South Korea.

Bloomberg has stated that gambling revenue had risen by 25% during March, this is more than double february’s revenue.

Three of the giant casino’s that are the main players in the gambling industry are looking for amazing growth potential. Wynn is a good pick, because they have strong fundamentals and are highly diversified in business operations, plus they have the restaurants and hotels.

There is an enormous potentential for capturing billions of dollars on the online gambling market share. Wynn was also the first to create an onlne venture. After Wynn’s the next big winners of onling game fall under the social media game operator for instance Facebook and Zynga who can expand their businesses further with a penetration into the this lucrative industry. The future looks bright for Wynn.