Top Online Tables Games

Although gamblers most often head directly for the reels when they sign up at Slots LV Casino, some bettors prefer to immediately pursue the games of skill. Below, readers can learn more about the casino's top table games and what it takes to win.


Blackjack often turns out to be among the most popular table games everywhere, including Slots LV Casino. Versions available to players at Slots LV include new, single-deck, classic, single-deck classic, double-deck, Perfect Pairs, European, and Zappit. New players typically prefer classic, new blackjack, or European, as they tend to be the easiest to learn. The goal of a standard blackjack game pits the player against the dealer to be the first to reach 21. Whoever gets the hand closest to 21 without exceeding it wins. Players can access all forms of blackjack at Slots LV by following the link for table games; gamblers may choose the blackjack menu and select their favorite game from the list.


Despite blackjack standing in as the most popular table game at Slots LV, casino gamblers know that roulette takes a close second to the widely loved card game. There are just four versions of roulette at Slots LV, including American, European, Classic American, and Classic European. While both new and returning players can locate all four versions of roulette among the table games, first-timers tend to gravitate toward the American version of the title. Roulette basics include knowing the betting basics, which include both outside and inside bets, among others. New players tend to stick with outside bets, as these are more likely to garner a payout. That said, inside bets require players to choose from a minimal set of numbers. While inside bets are decidedly riskier, the payout for just one winning number is 35:1.

Tri-Card Poker

The intricacies of the different types of poker vary greatly, but players looking for an easy-to-learn game will love the action in Tri-Card Poker. Gamblers will find, of course, that the game involves only the player, the dealer, and three cards. The dealer must receive a Queen or higher to play the hand; if the dealer doesn't receive a qualifying card, the player gets a 1:1 payout on the ante. When the dealer's hand qualifies, the best hand wins. While some veteran Slots LV users will find the game a little oversimplified, others will recognize it as one that takes moments to learn and years to master. Nevertheless, Tri-Card Poker is a uniquely pure game that gamblers are sure to enjoy.


Although many players consider Baccarat a game of skill, others prefer to think of it as a "bet and forget" title. In other words, once players place their wager, they have few other decisions to make. In Baccarat, gamblers won't even need to worry about keeping or discarding specific hands. The dealer, also known in Baccarat as the banker, will deal two cards at the beginning of the hand. The hand closest to nine in Baccarat wins, although when neither the banker nor the player's hands total eight or nine, the banker can choose to deal a third card. Betting in Baccarat is interesting, as the player needs only to select their pick for the winner: Baccarat players wager on whether they think they will win, the dealer will win, or the game will be a tie. While players will receive a 9:1 payout on a tie game, this outcome occurs just under ten percent of the time. In general, the banker has a slight edge, tending to win 45.8 percent of the hands to the player's average of 44.6 percent of the hands.

Play Using Slots LV Casino Bonuses

The generous bonuses at Slots LV are exciting for checking out the most popular games at the casino, and bettors will love the fact that they can use bonus cash at the tables. While the bonuses at Slots LV Casino don't exclude table games, players should know that these titles contribute to offers' wagering requirements differently. However, those who fund their accounts with Bitcoin can claim significantly more bonus cash than those who deposit with traditional methods. Players ready to learn more can register at Slots LV, deposit and claim a bonus, and start cashing in on the casino's top table games.