Excluded Games

No matter which casino you choose to play at you are in fact joining a community where you can enjoy excellent games, customer support, service and of course a wide range of promotions. It all sounds rather idyllic and approached in the right way; it truly is a fantastic experience. But as with any community living sometimes there are some hitches and issues which make it not so plain sailing. When it comes to the generous bonuses that are offered you may notice that a number of the games are excluded from bonuses. This is not a mistake and it is a calculated decision by the casino based on the popularity of the game and the payout percentages that they offer.

Bonuses for Different Games

Looking at Aladdin’s Gold casino you will immediately be drawn to the generous sign up bonus offer which awards you 200% match up on your first deposit and any other deposits made in the first 7 days of play at the casino. This is great but wait you want to play Roulette... think again. This bonus offer only applies for slots, both video and classic games, scratch cards and Keno. If you are a Roulette player you may be hard pressed to find a bonus offer that will fit in with the game. There is no set rule for the excluded games and no fully understandable reason but when you commit to a certain casino it should be after research and with the knowledge that you trust and admire the casino which has made you want to play there.

Other Ways Excluded Games can Offer Bonus Chances

In many cases a casino that offers a generous welcome bonus which is only for the fast pace games such as slots, Keno and scratch cards will also offer a secondary bonus for other games. But this does not mean that all of the games are covered, you will still have to check out the details of the bonus to make sure that all of the games you want to play are covered in the bonus. And don’t worry if they are not, there are still plenty of other opportunities which each casino offers which does include the excluded games. This can come in the form of the bonuses for certain deposit options used, comp points, loyalty club points and refer a friend bonuses. The excluded games from bonuses tend to be the table games where the odds are higher and the risk greater, in some ways the casino is protecting you by not including these games in their promotions. When it comes to the bonuses and promotions, the casino does have the player’s interest at heart in addition to their own and the bonuses together with the games that are offered using them are a result of a calculated and researched decision by the casino.