Choose from 7 Great Progressive Slots at Lincoln Casino

Progressive slots have plenty of fans – and for good reason, too. They always include a progressive jackpot over and above any other jackpot a particular game might have.

A progressive jackpot is worth playing for, because it can reach into serious amounts of money. Some of the games offering a progressive jackpot will have huge sums of six figures or more on offer. The idea is that every time someone places a bet on the game, a small slice of the cash wagered will go into the progressive jackpot. This means the jackpot progressively gets bigger and bigger (hence the name) and you can enjoy having a chance at winning it.

Things get better still at Lincoln casino, as they have no fewer than seven games you can play that all have progressive jackpots included. Which of these might you end up playing?

Some of the progressive games are three-reel slots

This applies to Treasure Trail, Pay Dirt, Mega Money Mine and Win, Place or Show. Red, White and Win is another three-reel option.

You can also play Mine All Mine, which is another popular slot game, although this one has five reels and features 25 paylines in total. This is the one to pick if you don’t like the three-reel options, although it would be worth considering them on this occasion, simply for a shot at the big progressive prize.

The final game of the seven is progressive blackjack. You don’t often see progressive prizes attached to table games, so this is a refreshing addition. Blackjack is also the easiest game to understand of all the table games on offer, so you can play it with ease and hopefully get that elusive jackpot as well.

What are the odds of winning a progressive jackpot?

Of course, the odds are going to be long. Lots of people play these games and the jackpot does get a chance to build into a serious amount before it is triggered. However, with that said, someone has to win!

Be aware of the fact some games require you to place the maximum bet to be in with a chance of winning the major jackpot. Make sure you can afford the bet amount and that it is right for your budget before making the decision to take part. When you’re ready, you can look forward to one of the best and most exciting games you have ever played.