Progressive Slot Jackpots - Life-Changing Payouts to Spice Up Your Gaming


There are many reasons why online slots have become so popular, but one of the biggest is definitely the element of mystery. You never know what payout you're going to win on each spin, which is something that both casual players and adrenaline seekers can appreciate. Going further, the fact that you can win a progressive jackpot at any point is even more exciting. Let's continue discussing progressive jackpots along with the best place to find them.

What is a Progressive Slots Jackpot?

As the name implies, these jackpots grow progressively as slots players continue betting. A small percentage of each bet is taken and put towards the jackpot, which causes it to continue growing until it's won.

Many slots offer a counter to show you how the progressive jackpot is growing, which adds to the excitement as you're playing. Some of these jackpots grow to absolutely ridiculous proportions, with five, six, seven, or even eight-figure prizes available. Guinness World Records lists the biggest-ever online slots jackpot as being worth $22,974,400. Of course, many of us would "settle" for a $10,000 payout too.

Where can I Play for Progressive Jackpots?

One of the most-popular places for progressive jackpots is Slots.LV. Available to US players, offers lots of random progressive jackpots, meaning anybody can win on any spin. It doesn't matter how many paylines you're playing, your bet size, or what payline combination you hit (or don't hit) because you're always eligible for a random jackpot. This differs from standard progressive slots prizes, which may require a side bet and/or certain number of paylines to be eligible.

The wide range of random progressive jackpots at ensures that anybody from low rollers to high stakes players can have fun. Even if you only bet one cent on 20 paylines, you can enjoy everything that's games have to offer along with the thrill of winning big. This balance between enjoyment and the pursuit of a life-changing jackpot is what keeps many players coming back to again and again.

Of course, you also get to play for the regular payouts that a slots game offers. This is exciting in itself because some of these prizes are worth hundreds or even thousands of credits. And when you combine these regular payouts with the dream of winning a giant random progressive prize at - some of which are worth tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars - it's easy to see why progressive slots are so fun.