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Attracting Millennials to Casinos Means Upping the Stakes

published Aug. 16, 2016

Attracting Millennials to Casinos Means Upping the Stakes
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We hear much talk of millennials in the news today, and much of it is how this generation is in many ways toning things down somewhat when it comes to partying and late nights. With more of a focus on studies or building a career, there's also the fact that this generation may not have the disposable income of previous ones, and that means casinos are having to go the extra mile in attracting a new type of customer.

Fewer millennials are hitting the slots and the Blackjack tables in comparison to their parents and grandparents, and there are now many weird and wonderful attractions available in casinos across the US, with Foxwoods in Connecticut taking a radical approach to bringing in a new generation of casino goers, by being less of a casino and more of an entertainment venue.

Foxwoods has turned one of its casino floors into a upbeat bar and club area with DJ´s from all over the world bringing the action, and taking that one step further they've also added a tattoo parlor and fashion outlet. Over in Rhode Island at the Twin River Casino they've begun hosting mixed martial arts competitions, and while casinos in Vegas are of course no strangers to promoting big boxing matches, it's now smaller casinos that are putting on similar events.

There is of course still a focus on casino games however as millennials see slots and other casino games as being a little uninteresting, many casinos are now adding live dealers to electronic games, creating lower minimum wagering amounts and adding slots with more of a popular theme and style, with music and film themes becoming increasingly available.

There's also the fact that many casinos are now providing a free to play mobile casino app and social casinos that can be played for free, and the stakes are indeed high, as while this new generation may go out a whole lot more than previous ones, it's what they're doing while out that casinos are trying to figure out and turn into new business.

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