Betsoft's New Shift™ Platform - Will Replace Adobe's Flash Player

There's bad news for online casino players: Adobe will soon discontinue their Flash player, which is commonly used at no-download casinos. But the good news is that Betsoft Gaming is launching a brand-new Shift™ platform to fill the void.

Shift is designed to make the most of HTML5 technology, which is a global standard that every PC, Mac, and device can support.

Betsoft games rely on Flash to offer excellent graphics and animations, which can be enjoyed through your browser without downloading casino software. The new Shift platform ensures that this isn't disrupted, and it's supported through any web browser, including Apple Safari, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge.

What's more is that Betsoft's Shift doesn't rely on third-party plugins, meaning it's more secure from cyber-attacks than Flash ever was.

Another advantage of Shift is that it uses a totally new animation engine that's much more efficient than Flash, thus bringing out the true 3D cinematic graphics and stunning animations from Betsoft slots. Furthermore, Shift's higher frame rate makes Betsoft games run smoother and allows for more satisfying gameplay.

"Our new Shift platform represents the next step in iGaming evolution, and is a tremendous milestone for the both the Company and the industry," says Mark McKeown, vice president of Sales and Marketing at Betsoft.

"While HTML5 has been a standard for some time, it's only just now that the technology and hardware have matured enough to allow for the standards of quality and visual excellence for which Betsoft games are known," adds McKeown. "We are extremely proud to introduce Shift as a comprehensive solution for future game development."

Betsoft will update all of their 3D games to create better synchronization with the new Shift platform. At the same time, all of the company's games that operate on Flash will be retained for those with older PCs and devices.

More on Betsoft Gaming

While many companies have produced good 3D slots, Betsoft has taken this to a new level with their true 3d cinematic gaming. Never before have 3D slots looked so colorful, lifelike, or realistic!

Betsoft has a library of over 180 games, including the heralded Slots3™ series. Given everything that they offer, Betsoft Gaming has exceeded the stellar quality found in most video games and animated feature films.

This has been their goal ever since opening in 2012, when they became one of the first companies to truly concentrate on mobile gaming. This is why they now offer dozens of Slots3 games available for smartphones and tablets.

You can find Betsoft 3D slots at many online casinos these days, making them one of the leading providers in internet gaming. And this figures to be even truer now that they're launching a proprietary Shift platform for their no-download casino games.