Top Movies To Inspire Online Casino Player

There are a lot of Hollywood flicks about gambling, but many lack the true passion, skill and the reality that is the hallmark of a true gambler. Finding movies that appeal to the gambler inside of all of us can be difficult, but not impossible.

To help you to get started in your movie quest, here are some of the best movies that take a look at gambling from all angles. You will be able to relate to at least one of the characters in these movies, and you will be cheering for the good guy to finally strike it rich.


This 1998 release starring Matt Damon and Edward Norton, as well as a full cast of great actors, takes a look at the darker or underground side of gambling. Damon and Norton's characters are gambling at high stakes poker, but both for very different purposes and with different goals in mind.

The characters are very real and authentic from the hustler to the noble gambler with a cause. You will find yourself caught up in the action and the storyline and hoping that all ends well. Not only is this movie about gambling, but it is also about relationships, finding your dreams, and also learning to accept your gifts and talents.


This was a blockbuster in 1995 and continues to be a great movie to watch for the first time or for yet another time. Starring Joe Pesci, Robert De Niro, James Woods and Sharon Stone, this is the movie about the making of Las Vegas.

This movie looks into the Mob as well as the underbelly of the gambling industry in the early days of the development of Las Vegas. A great flick, this is sure to keep you entertained and interested in visiting this iconic city.

Casino Royal

Who doesn't enjoy a James Bond movie? This 2006 movie is all about Agent 007 being able to stay at the table in the most important poker game of his life. Full of amazing action and effects, this is sure to be a movie that you will want to watch more than once.

Ocean's Eleven

All of the Ocean's movies have some element of gambling, but it is the Ocean's Eleven that really highlights the extreme opulence of Las Vegas hotels. Featuring top actors and actresses including Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Bernie Mack, Julia Roberts and Andy Garcia, this is a classic film to watch just for the information about the attention to detail that Las Vegas casinos routinely employ.

Of course, you also won't want to miss seeing Ocean's Thirteen, Bugsy, Maverick, 21 and The Color Of Money, all great shows that take a unique look at the world of gambling.