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Making the Switch to Bitcoin Casino Banking

published Jun. 20, 2016

Making the Switch to Bitcoin Casino Banking
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The best US casinos, online and mobile, will now all offer Bitcoin as a banking option and it´s an option that so many players are now using. This easy to use, convenient and hassle free casino banking method allows for instant deposits and quick casino withdrawals, bypassing the need to use a credit card and offering a complete solution that´s perfect for high rollers and recreational slots players alike. Here we´ll take a look at what you need to begin using this excellent option, and once you´re set up, which is in itself a simple task, you´ll see why casinos and players alike are calling Bitcoin the future of casino banking.

Choose Your Casino and Your Bitcoin Wallet

The easiest part is opening up your casino account, and you may very well have that part already done, and you´ll next need a Bitcoin wallet of which there are many to choose from. Circle and Kraken are popular wallets however there´s plenty of choice and regardless of which one you opt for, it´s the same process when transacting with your online or mobile casino.

You will then need to buy Bitcoin, which can be easily done through your wallet, with step by step instructions provided by all of them, and should you not wish to buy whole Bitcoins you can of course purchase parts of BTC, depending on how much you wish to load your wallet with.

Depositing and Withdrawing

Assuming you have your casino account opened and your Bitcoin wallet funded then the next step is making your Bitcoin casino deposit. In the casino cashier you´ll see the Bitcoin option, and you´re first task is to choose that option. You´ll then be provided with a Bitcoin wallet address by your casino, and you´ll need to cut and paste that address and head to your own Bitcoin wallet. When logged in, click on the send Bitcoin button, paste the casino Bitcoin address in the field provided and add the amount you wish to send, and quite simple, you´re done. The whole process takes just a few seconds and your casino account is funded instantly. You may find that using QR codes in mobile casinos is an option available, and although the process may vary slightly from casino to casino, it´s all very similar, with simple step by step guides available in each one.

When withdrawing your casino winnings the exact same process is done in reverse. In the payouts section of the casino cashier, click on the Bitcoin option and this time around, you provide your Bitcoin wallet address for the casino to send your winnings to, and what you´ll find when withdrawing with BTC is that the cash is with you so much faster, often the very same day.

Bitcoin Casino Banking Advantages

There are so many reasons why players are switching to Bitcoin casino banking. The fact that you´ll never receive a declined transaction message when making your Bitcoin deposits is great news for players who may have experienced issues with their credit cards in the past is a major plus point. Instant safe and secure deposits along with super fast withdrawals is great news, and the sheer convenience of being able to bank from your Bitcoin wallet, while collecting the same great casino bonuses you would when using other methods is another box checked. Bitcoin is here, it´s now welcomed by the biggest and the best US online casinos, and it´s becoming more popular each day!

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