Bitcoin, Brexit and Online Casino Gambling

Lincoln Casino

Unless you´ve been in hibernation or have disconnected yourself from every single news source you´ll know that the UK has voted to leave the European Union. The momentous vote means that preparations must now be made for the split and the initial ramifications of the vote have seen GBP slip and slide against the dollar, and there´ll be more turbulent times ahead. The UK vote has also led to other European countries asking for a referendum to decide their position within the EU, potentially causing yet further worries in the financial markets, and although the UK decision does in no way affect UK and European online casino gaming as yet, it could do down the line.

While GBP has plummeted and there are concerns that it could drop further, Bitcoin has stayed as steady as a rock, with many investors seeing it as a safe haven, and even small investors are now adding a little BTC to their portfolios, however it has yet to be adopted by the bigger UK and European online casinos, but maybe that could change.

One of the main reasons the majority of UK regulated online casinos have avoided offering Bitcoin as a banking method is that of its volatility, however in the current circumstances that can no longer be presented as a valid reason and there´ll no doubt be a few murmurings about now as to whether to take this virtual currency on board as depositing method. Almost all of the best US online casinos have recently done so, and with much fanfare, and no reported issues, meaning that UK and EUR casinos can at least see that it´s a viable payment solution that to a certain extent has been tried and tested.

There´s much uncertainty with regards to currency strength at the moment, and while the USD is holding strong right now, that could change in the lead up to the forthcoming election, and we may see investors using Bitcoin even more, adding stability and gains to the increasingly popular currency of Bitcoin, and we could see the best UK and European online casinos adding this convenient and easy to use option to their casino cashiers very soon.