Does Your Coffee Give Our Slots Style Away?

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Word has it that the type of caffeine boost that you prefer points to the type of real money slots player you are, now who'd of thought it?! The coffee you choose gives away the type of slots player you are, and plays a role in how you manage your session, and you'd be surprised at just how much info you can gather from a person's cafe choice!

Should you prefer a cappuccino then you have a little of that natural luck on your side and when at the slots of your choice you're full of energy. You're a random player who never shies away from a high stakes wager but the real excitement for you is the fact that you're playing the game, unlike the caffe latte drinker, who expects a little more back from their session. Latte lovers have indulged in a little gaming strategy and will try out a few tricks now and then, however they're always up for a little fun and never worried about losing too much as their strategy often does them well.

The espresso drinker is again a different type of slots player who loves the risk taking side of things, often playing slots at the max bet in a bid to either score big or go home and those bonus round and features are what you play for! Caffe mocha drinkers on the other hand are by nature safe players who enjoy smaller slots bets and often play the very minimum allowed unlike the iced coffee fan who trusts in their instinct and goes big on bets when the time is right!

It's the black coffee drinker who has a plan however, always turning up with a strategy on how to score the big slots payday and is the more serious slots gambler. At the reels with one thing in mind, and that's collecting the slots paycheck, black coffee players are focused and determined. It's amazing what a simple cup of coffee can tell you about a persons playing style, so next time you take to the reels of your favorite slots, check out what you're may determine the type of slots session you're about to have!