Bitcoin Acceptance Growing in Online Gaming

As the value of Bitcoin continues to fluctuate and stability seems to be a while away, its continuing acceptance just keeps growing. The news of the closure of MtGox, the worlds largest Bitcoin exchange came as a huge shock to many users and onlookers, however it has to be remembered that the failure of MtGox has everything to do with that particular company’s management and nothing at all to do with Bitcoin itself. Thankfully for the digital currency, this appears to be the message now getting through to users, and although that particular event has of course caused yet more fluctuations and brought up plenty of trust issues the harm that it has caused will eventually be undone.

The number of companies that accept Bitcoin has done nothing but increase during these troubles, and now you may book theatre tickets, hotels, order pizza and so much more with the currency and although it’s still very much considered a trading currency by many, it’s uses are growing. It may be some time before it is accepted by all and sundry but recently larger companies have begun to take it seriously and that includes online gaming companies. The first large US online gaming company to accept Bitcoin is Americas Cardroom however there are numerous smaller online Bitcoin casinos and poker rooms, and that number is starting to grow, with many gaming professionals keeping an eye on the proceedings. The most recent launch of a Bitcoin online gaming company is that of Bitbet, and maybe this launch is one that is being paid a little more attention due to the fact that it is not just a small stand alone casino but also a full online sportsbook and racebook too, and while other Bitcoin casinos are pretty small affairs, Bitbet appear to be much more of an all round online gaming offering. It may still be a long time in the future until we see Bitcoin being featured as a prominent payment method for larger international gaming companies, but it is certainly making headway.