Google's Play Games Delivers New Features

Although this news is a little geeky it does have an impact on games players around the world, especially the millions of us who enjoy Google Play Games. A whole slew of enhancements has been unveiled at the Games Developers Conference in San Francisco this week, and all of them with the aim of making Google Play Games even more appealing for developers to work with, meaning that the players get an even better experience. Google Play is the Google response to the Apple Game Center, however rather than being in competition with it, Google believe it complement's Apple's offering.

There are load of new features on the way and all of which aim to please the player, and many developers will be jumping at the chance to get their hands on the new goodies. There's seems to be a focus on multi-player games and player interactivity with additions including the ability to send gifts in games, and invite multiple players to join you through a multi-player search. The sharing of gifts etc is not high on the Apple agenda, and with Google adding this functionality it's thought that more app developers will give it a go, making Android app development a little more appealing. Other big news is that pretty soon Google Play will run on iOS and developers are being given more access to the analytical side of things, which helps them see exactly what type of player is looking at their games, which in turn allows them to design features to suit. It's pretty exciting stuff for developers of the games we love to play, and hopefully pretty soon, that excitement will trickle down to us mere mortals!