Minnesota Clamps Down On Scratch Cards

With so many states opposing the use of wagering and gambling, it is no surprise that lawmakers in Minnesota have started to jump on this band wagon. The legislative powers in Minnesota are hoping to put a stop to the amount of online lottery tickets, especially scratch cards.

New Games Released

Proponents in favor of Minnesota scratch cards are quite surprise that the state would like to start clamping down on sales when it has just released new lottery games and scratch cards to the public. Some examples of the new games released include Red Hot Cherry Tripler, Spicy 7s, and Fa$t Buck. These are all online scratch cards that are distributed under the eScratch games brand.

Governor's Approval

At the moment everyone is waiting to hear what the governor will do when the bill is present to him for approval. There is a chance that the bill can be denied as this will see a significant decrease in the amount of income to the state if scratch cards are banned and the sale of lottery tickets are decreased. At one time in the past the state had record sales for the amount of lottery tickets and scratch cards that were sold.