Hard Rock Making a Move into Atlantic City?

Atlantic City has been hit hard over the past 12 months or more, with four casinos closing their doors and online gaming in the state not producing the expected revenue, however as bleak as it looks for the New Jersey resort it hasn't stopped Hard Rock taking an interest in extending their operations in that part of the world. Hard Rock casinos and of course their cafes are to be found across the globe and soon enough you may be able to see at least something with their name on it in NJ, as they've already been granted preliminary approval to enter the Atlantic City casino market.

Hard Rock is owned the Seminole Indian tribe in Florida and CEO James Allen has not stated what their plans are in Atlantic City however it's being touted that a deal may be done that would see the closed down Revel Casino reopen its doors. Allen has stated that he's spoken to the new Revel Casino owner Glenn Straub, saying that, "We've certainly been looking at Revel, going back to our inception, it's an amazing building, but it does have some challenges."

Hard Rock was considering making the purchase of the Revel before its closure, in fact a bid for it was turned down, but it seems that a deal may be in the pipeline. Hard Rock has been approved for a project that would see the allowing of 'boutique' casinos in Atlantic City too, smaller operations that may be attached to smaller hotels with 200 rooms, as opposed to the 500 required that is currently in use, and on that subject Allen said that there is no sense in building another casino in Atlantic City, and that, "We love the boutique casino concept."

Hard Rock also own 16% of Meadowlands Racetrack and should an amendment be made to current laws to allow casino gambling there then they will be the company to do it. While nothing is concrete regarding a Hard Rock move into AC there are many options, and the next few months will be providing us with more detail as to their plans.