Skill Based Slots to Hit Vegas

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval is expected to be signing Senate Bill 9 soon which will allow skill based slots with arcade games style features to the floors of Las Vegas casinos. In the first piece of legislation pushed forward by the Association of Gaming Equipment Manufacturers the skill based attributes to the slots hope to attract a different player demographic to the casino floors, or the 'next generation' of slots player that may be a little more demanding than the current one.

The new technology would allow the casinos to change the odds giving regular players a better chance of winning, in a variable payback to player system. The variable slots payback idea was discussed last year as an innovative way of giving loyal players something a little different, however implementation of it would require a change in Nevada gaming law, hence bill SB 9. That change has now been approved and is sat on Gov Sandoval's desk with the hope that soon enough, the required technology will be implemented.

The changes, or additions may not come into effect for a while as rules and regulations will need to be scripted and approved by the Nevada Gaming Control Board and it's hoped that these changes will bring in a fresh new crowd to the slots sections of Nevada casino, players that may be a little more familiar with video gaming rather than slots play.

It may be a case that the best US online casino games and slots development companies take a look at a variable payback system too and implement something similar, maybe as part of the casinos loyalty program. It would be nice if loyal or regular slots players got a small percentage increase on the usual return to player amounts...or are we asking just a little bit too much?