The Future of Casino Games: Where Are We Heading?

Online casinos have been slow to start in the U.S., but in states like New Jersey where they are legal they're booming. In fact, the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement puts September 2016 revenues at just over $226 million and $16.2 million of that was just from New Jersey online casinos. As more and more online casinos open their doors, one thing is becoming clear, players want newer, more innovative games.

Changing Demand

Video slot machines have delighted players for decades, but millennials want something new. They're growing up having played video games at home and in arcades. They want to be challenged by the games they play, even in a casino. With that, some game developers are trying something new. The first of the innovative online casino games is out and it's doing well.

Introducing Danger Arena

Danger Arena is a casino arcade game where terminating enemies wins you cash. The more robots you shot, the more you win. Place a bet between 50 cents and $20 and then get started. You're essentially betting on yourself and adjust your wager to your shooting skills. Payouts depend on how many robots you shoot and range from 25 times your bet if you manage to shoot 10 before time runs out to 1x if you shoot 7. Power-ups increase your winnings. This first-person shooter casino game is soon to appear in casinos like Bally's, Caesars, and Harrah's.

About GameCo

GameCo is the developer of Danger Arena. This is the first of many games they have in store for casinos. Other game styles they plan to explore are fighting games, hidden objects, match three games, multiplayer online battles, puzzles, racing games, and sports.

Keep watching for these arcade casino games from GameCo. With many games in the works, this is an exciting new trend that is going to gain the interest of casino fans who love video games.