MGM Unveils Laser Golf and First Casino Video Game

The two most popular activities for some retirees are golf and gambling; now both can be enjoyed in one spot as MGM Casino in Las Vegas has opened the new Golfstream attraction right on the Vegas Strip among MGM’s other properties. The 12,000-square-foot space next door to the MGM Sportsbook is being touted as the world’s first indoor laser golf course with its own lounge. With many golfers who like to place bets on their own games and enjoy other types of wagering, the location and the attraction seem to be a perfect match.

Adding Games of Skill to Casinos

While golf will be the major part of MGM’s newest attraction, it is not the only game of skill available. Konami, a producer of both arcade and casino games has installed the first-ever Frogger title that can be played to win cash. Frogger: Get Hoppin’ is the first attempt at combining casino and video game play; it also seems to be seeing a steady stream of curious, excited players.

Laser Golf in Las Vegas

Most may question the need for totally indoor golf in Las Vegas, one of the world’s warmest and most popular travel destinations, but with daytime temperatures that can peak in the triple digits, it seems to be a likely spot for such an attraction. Vegas is also known for a city that keeps moving 24 hours each day, making laser golf a perfect option for those who would like to play through the night, regardless of the weather or whether or not the sun has headed off to bed for the evening.

Virtual Golf from Around the World

Golfstream, developed by Darren Dummit and Sameer Gupta, is the world’s most sophisticated virtual golf game to date. Golfstream allows for competition in three unique ways: a 30-second pulling challenge, a longest drive challenge and a closest to the pin challenge. While Gupta and Dummit hope to host tournaments at the venue soon, it is currently available for group reservations and when available, walk-up play.

Level Up for Millennials

Millennials are demanding more for their gaming dollar and Level Up is the result; part gambling, part arcade, Level Up gives Millennials much more than its gaming predecessors. Roulette and blackjack tables with lower minimum wagers held in a social atmosphere intrigues individuals from this age group, causing younger players to respond more readily to today’s gaming options. Interestingly, Level Up also features arcade and video games for players who need a breather in between betting sessions.

A Great Combination of Technologies

Golfstream and Level Up are a modern match of technology and quite possibly the next great expansion of gambling and gaming. Modern technology made the joining of gaming sports and betting an eventuality, and MGM has thrown the first volley in this new arena. Even a moderate amount of success will push others to join their counterparts in this new combination of sports, gambling and even arcade-style of casino entertainment.