Fixed and Progressive Jackpots

Online casinos offer jackpots on many of their games. Players love jackpots. You probably do too.

There are several types of casino jackpots. If you are going to play these games, you should make sure you understand the differences between the jackpots.

The most important ones you ought to know about are progressive and fixed jackpots. Let’s see how they pan out here.

Fixed jackpots

The fixed jackpot is one that never alters in size. When someone wins it, the jackpot resets to that amount.

Fixed prizes are sometimes displayed as multiples. For example, a small jackpot might be 20x your bet. A medium one might be 50x your bet. The big prize could be 100x your bet.

However, in other cases, a fixed jackpot is a sum of money. It could be $1,000 or more, for example. The idea is that it never changes, so you’ll know what the potential jackpots could be before you get underway with the game.

Progressive jackpots

While players love fixed jackpots, the progressives are where the real potential lies. These prizes can reach huge amounts. Some players have won millions of dollars on slot games with progressive jackpots on offer.

Of course, we know the odds are long on all jackpot slots. This is the hardest prize to win. It’s also why lots of players prefer progressives, because they give the best prizes if they do drop.

Some games do have a ceiling on the amount someone can win. For example, the ceiling could be, say, $25,000. So, once the jackpot gets close to that level, you know someone is going to snag it pretty soon.

Which one is best?

It depends on what you want from a game. If you want an opportunity to win a life-changing sum of money, look for games offering a progressive jackpot. Even then, some of these games offer far bigger prizes than others.

The Mega Moolah slot game is one of the most famous, although there are others such as Mega Fortune that also deliver massive prizes to jackpot winners. Not all progressives have the word ‘mega’ in the title either!

Bottom line: Make sure you enjoy the game you play

It doesn’t matter what type of jackpot a game can offer. The most important thing is to make sure you enjoy the game you choose to play.

It should also be affordable. You can play some jackpot slot games from just a cent or two per spin. However, others require you to bet a dollar or more on each spin. Make sure you know what is asked of you as a minimum bet to be in with a chance of winning the big prize.