It Isn’t So Much If You Gamble – But Where You Gamble

Its been a long time practice for only certain states, mainly Nevada, Delaware, and New Jersey, in America to be the legal centers for organized gambling. But with the continued proliferation of online casinos and apps, many of these online companies are pressed to follow the same restricted guidelines as well. And that's where the Canadian company, GeoComply, comes into the equation.

Using geolocation technology in tandem with age verification, GeoComply's aim is cut down on illegal gambling activities in unsanctioned states and territories. This company has an operating license in Nevada, Delaware, New Jersey and jurisdiction in Georgia. While this technology is not completely fool proof, it does serve as some organized resistance, especially since traditional casinos are concerned with the large presence of online casinos cutting into their profits. GeoComply combats against savvy hackers who can sometimes utilize proxy servers to disguise their locations, by using a multi-tier system that cross references a person's real location, including IP addresses, GSM, GPS and even Wi-Fi. This strategy blocks on average, 100,000 fraudulent attempts each month.

GeoComply, however, is not solely restricted to online gambling. They are expanding to other online gaming avenues for additional services and revenue.