Don’t Miss These Five Unique Cafes Located Close to Casinos

Any casino you visit is bound to offer food and beverages, but you may want to explore the city in between games. Travel around the world and explore these five unique cafes that are also close to the city’s hottest casinos.

Bar Topolski in London, England

Bar Topolski is really three cafes in one that’s housed in a former art studio. Under the first arch is a café where you’re welcome to make reservations. Beyond the second arch is a bar with live music. The third arch hosts private events and also has a room where you can play table tennis. The draw to this unique establishment is the artwork by Feliks Topolski, a Polish artist who moved to London to sketch images of the 25th anniversary of King George the Fifth’s reign. You’ll find the art covering the walls and ceiling. A number of casinos are within a mile or two, including London’s Hippodrome and Grosvenor Casino.

Dreamy Camera Café in South Korea

Seoul, South Korea, is where you’ll find Paradise Walker Hill Casino. There’s a quirky café you cannot miss if you find yourself in Seoul. Dreamy Camera Café is approximately two hours east of the casino and is well worth the drive. Tucked right next door to the café owners’ home, this eye-catching red and black café looks exactly like a gigantic camera. Head inside for sweet treats like the cheesecake paired with a very artistic latte.

Knoll Ridge Café in New Zealand

If you’re heading to Auckland, New Zealand, rent a car to reach this next café. It’s an incredible unique café and one that’s well worth the four-hour drive. There are plenty of hotels along the way, so you can overnight in the mountains and spend a tranquil night on Mount Ruapehu. Knoll Ridge Café sits on a ridge of Mount Raupehu, overlooking the mountainous terrain below. Floor to ceiling windows make sure you can view the mountain, which also happens to be an active volcano.

La Distributrice Café in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Believed to be the smallest café in North America, Montreal’s La Distributrice Café is no bigger than a hallway. In fact, the café consists of a counter, the equipment, and a window to the customers waiting outside. That’s okay, however, as the goal here is to get your coffee and go. For a very reasonable price, you’ll have your espresso, latte, or other espresso-based beverage and be ready to hit Casino de Montreal. Hop on the bus or subway with your drink of choice and be at the casino in less than half an hour.

Sunland Farms’ Baobab Tree Bar in South Africa

Stay in Johannesburg and you’ll be within easy reach of Sun City Resort, the city’s popular casino. While you’re there, take the time to head six hours north and visit the quirky Baobab Tree Bar. Located on a farm, this bar is located within a baobab tree that is believed to be nearing 2,000 years of age. The bar offers food and beverages, but you must have a reservation as seating is limited. Accommodations are also available if you’d like to spend the night and explore the area’s forests and waterfalls.